Why I Colour my Natural Colour, with a Natural Colour

If you're anything like me, your Natural is just argh. So when I Colour, I keep it incredibly simple. I choose a Natural shade.

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Oh so you think to Colour your Hair, you need an enormous transition? If you're anything like me, you Colour just because your Natural is just argh. It's not too light, not too dark, it really isn’t anything special, and I am describing it nicely. So when I Colour, I keep it incredibly simple. I choose a Natural.

If you think this is madness, and a waste of time and money, start taking a look around, you would be surprised how many of us use this simple trick, for fabulous Hair - think Taylor Swift.

Let me explain my dilemma.

Naturally I am around a 7, but unlike my younger years spent by the pool and at the beach, I don’t get those Natural sun-kissed highlights anymore. I am not a fan of bleach, and don’t overly like the typical streaks. I am also lazy and need to keep my Colour as simple and low maintenance as possible.

What Colour am I stuck with? An awful, mousey brown. It's flat, dull and absolutely lifeless. It makes me feel uninspired about my Hair and boring.

So how do I solve my problem? I Colour my Hair with a Natural the same level as my regrowth: 7 Medium Blonde. Its not a huge difference in terms of lightness as that’s not what I am going for. Using a 7 gives me a Natural Colour, but with bonus features. The extra hues adds Volume to my Hair, and when you have fine Hair and lots of it like I do, it gives it some well needed bounce. I also like the warmth it gives me, for that faux sun-kissed effect. I like the way the 7 plumps up my Colour and still matches my complexion.

So don’t just embrace what your mumma gave you, enhance it as well!
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