Yes, You Can Tone A Brunette With This Soothing Toner

Brunettes suffer from the nasty brassies too, now we have a simple Toning solution.

For Blondes, Toning is life. With it, a smooth glossy Blonde. Without it, a Hair Colour devoured by the nasty brassies. Thanks to the Toner Kit, Toning couldn’t be easier. Within minutes, the nasty brassies fade away, soothing any Warmth into a silky smooth shade — no wonder the Toner Kit has amassed a legion of fans.

And what about Brunettes? What happens when the nasty brassies are running wild, wreaking havoc through Dark Hair? Should they have to suffer? Absolutely not! We’ve taken Toning to the next level, creating a brass-busting solution for you Brunette (and Dark Blonde) beauties.

Meet the secret to perfectly Toned, Dark Hair — the *new* Dark Blonde Toner Pack.

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As you know, we at My Hairdresser do Toning differently. Gone are the days of matte-inducing, shine sucking shampoos and treatments. We want our Toner to promote shine and replenish Hair with a fresh boost of pigment that the nasty brassies take out. We want full, not flat, so we Tone the only way that can give us what we want — using a Toning formula with a Cooling pigment and deep conditioning base that protects, Tones and hydrates all at once. It comes in the form of the Toner Kit (for Blondes) and the Dark Blonde Toner Pack (for Dark Blonde and Brunettes) and they’re the real deal.

The Dark Blonde Toner Pack features a deep Toning pigment, infused with smokey Ash tones that absorb and counteract brassiness in your Hair. Like the Toner Kit, it’s conditioning ingredients penetrates Hair with olive oil hydrators, to protect your Hair and give it a luxurious glossy shine.

Everything you need for an effortless Tone is in the Dark Blonde Toner Pack, complete with an Applicator Bottle for a quick and easy application. Using the Dark Blonde Toner is simple. First ensuring you have enough product to fully cover your Hair, add equal parts of 7.1 Ash Blonde and No Lift Developer in the Applicator Bottle, securing the lid and giving the bottle a good shake until the two products have properly combined.

Wearing gloves, apply your Toning mixture to dry Hair, focusing on your brassy areas. Apply as quickly and cleanly as possible, ensuring your mixture is spread so your Hair is fully covered. Keep a close eye on your Hair while Toning, as each Hair type reacts differently and will require different Toning times. For some 5 minutes is enough, for others, they need the full 20 minutes. Once you’ve reached 20 minutes or your desired Tone, rinse and wash your Hair.

Enjoy new Colour and it’s opulent shine and remember to tone whenever you need it, even teaming it up with your Regrowth touch-ups, applying it during the last 20 minutes of your Colour process for the ultimate multi-tasking tip.

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