Why Natural (Naked) Hair Colour Shades are Hair Colourings Unsung Hero

The Natural-looking, full-bodied Hair Colour Shades with a mirror-like shine.

When choosing your Hair Colour Shade what is it that you are looking for? Is it vibrancy that you like? Or maybe intensity? Do you like a Hair Colour that Cools? Or are you into a Hair Colour that glows with Warmth?

And what happens when your answer is E— none of the above?

Chances are, if you answered NO to all of the above, the Hair Colour you’re searching for is a Natural one. Yes, imagine a gloss-injecting Hair Colour that infuses Hair with big, pure Blonde or Brunette pigments and a mirror-like shine.

Natural Hair Colours are the unsung heroes of Hair Colour, often overlooked because of their simplicity, when it’s their simplicity that makes them so remarkable. Available in 6 Shades — Dark Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde and Very Light Blonde — these naked Hair Colours, as we call them, are the pinnacle of Hair Colouring.

Let’s take a look at what makes them so special.

Firstly their range — from deep Dark Brunette to Very Light Blonde — make them easy to match to your regrowth or to give you the flexibility to choose your desired lightness, and their pure Natural pigments mean you don’t need to worry, they’ll suit your skin tone (because Naturals suit all skin tones).

Naturals weightless Colour formula ensures full coverage (tip: they are the #1 Hair Colour for Greys) without weighing your Hair down in heavy Colour, allowing your Hair to breathe, while it’s hydrating ingredients guarantee a silky feeling Hair Colour with a luminous shine. And the cherry on the cake? Natural Hair Colours are extremely low maintenance.

Not convinced? Take a look at some Natural Hair Colours in the wild that we’ve Colour matched to our Natural Hair Colours.

Dark Blonde

Medium Blonde

Light Blonde

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