What's the secret to great Hair?

Here's a hint: it involves scissors and avoiding shortcuts.

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As you may imagine I get asked about Hair and Hair Colour a lot. I’m happy to talk about it because I’m looking or thinking about it anyway. Yes, I will have already sussed out your Hair, followed by your eyebrows - my next great love. Of course, people are always looking for some free advice, of which they generally ignore and later regret, which is cool. So when they ask me my secrets, I always keep it simple. Even though when I tell them what I am about to tell you, I sometimes hear their heartbreak and watch their realisation that having great Hair is simpler than they thought, but required doing some things they just don't want to do.

*hint: it involves scissors and avoiding shortcuts.*

If I had to narrow my secret tip down to only one, it would be this - invest in great Product. We pride ourselves on our high quality Products and our superior ingredients, and the effort we put into creating our Range shows when you see the incredible Hair results. So my advice is easy, invest in your Hair. Stop choosing the cheapest option and chopping and changing based on the deal of the day. Research the right shampoo and conditioner for you, devote the time for a special treatment every week or fortnight. We don’t believe you have to buy a lot, it’s about buying right.

It has always fascinated me how so many women are adverse to Haircuts. I live by the mentality that Hair grows back, so experimentation is a must - probably as a result of growing up in the Haircare industry. But to many, this recommendation is so vulgar they would rather keep their damaged, broken ends and Hair that is so fine and damaged that it looks like it will break off at any second. And by the way, putting extensions in doesn’t give the illusion of thickness, it just makes your damaged Hair and extensions look more obvious.
So listen up, split ends can’t be stuck back together, no matter how many treatments you have bought promising you otherwise, you have to cut that damage off. Colouring dead, dry ends make your Colour look heavy or darker and for some Blonde’s - green. Give your Hair a refresh and keep your cuts regular. You will absolutely notice the difference.

So after I have advised these women to get a Haircut and while still in the state of shock ask me for another option, here’s what I say next: use the straightener, blow dryers and curlers less. By this stage, they have had a heart attack. It’s really not that bad, I'm just saying less. Heated tools cause breakage and dry out your Hair, so try and get longevity out of your blow drys (like a week out of the same blow dry) and on your really greasy days try a bun, braid or slicked back Hairstyles that really style well off greasy Hair.

If you are a heavy Colourer like myself, keep your Colouring consistent. The chopping and changing of Colours and brands are when you start getting a hot mess, blotchy Hair Colour. Stick with one Colour range (preferably My Hairdresser of course), making a conscious decision what you Colour your Hair with rather than just using whatever Colour you can find around your house.

And with that my next advice is to maintain your regrowth. It's a huge giveaway and one of the first things you and others will notice.

Let's keep talking about it! What are your Hair Colour secrets? Share your secrets below.

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