What is the Hygge Hair Colour?

And how do we start living the Hygge life?

Pronounced hue-gah, Hygge is a Danish term meaning warm, simple, comfortable and the Hygge Hair Colour is as hearty and inviting as the meaning suggests. We’re saying see-ya-later to Cool icy, Ashy Tones and living the Hygge life — that is embracing Warm, Bronzed and Natural hues that leave you with a delicious, glowing Hair Colour. (Think Auburn, Golden or Caramel Tones.)

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You may have noticed that unlike other Colour trends we haven’t mentioned one specific Colour shade. Instead, the Hygge life is about loading our Hair with Warm and energising Colour hues that can be varied from Hair Colour and Skin type. It’s the variation we love. Because with a Hygge hue you can still incorporate highlights or lowlights through your Hair or (incorporate) other Colour styles like Balayage or Bronde to give you a big, multi-dimensional Colour.

Photo: Tumblr

How do you live the Hygge life?

Try swapping super Light, Cool Blondes for Honey Tones or add Caramel hues into your Dark Blonde. Redheads should embrace their Colour shade and inject it with Copper or Strawberry Tones. And for Brunettes, infusing Warmth through Auburn, Chestnut and Chocolate Tones will add texture to your Hair Colour.

Live the Hygge life with these Colour shades.

For the Blondes

For the Brunettes

For the Redheads

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