What Happens When You Apply Your Product To Wet Hair?

Does applying product to wet Hair affect your Colour or Colour Removing outcome? Possibly.

Have you ever wondered why the instructions for Colour and Colour Remover require the product mixture to be applied to dry, product-free Hair? It’s not just there to annoy you before you apply your second round of Colour Remover and realise you need to dry your Hair before you can start, we promise.

When your Hair is wet, your cuticle is open. Now you’re probably thinking isn’t that a good thing? Won’t it mean I can lighten my Hair more? Or get more Colour pigment out when I Colour Remove? Ordinarily yes, but when your Hair is wet and open, it is at it’s most fragile state (which is why brushing wet Hair is a big no-no, instead use a wide-tooth comb) and when you apply your product mixture to your open Hair, the first thing it will suck up is water, then your product mixture.

And you know what that means? Whatever mixture it is you’ve applied — Colour or Colour Remover — will be weakened. You’ll notice your Colour won’t have changed a great deal, much the same with Colour Remover. You may even find it leaves your Hair Colour patchy and inconsistent.

However, there are times where applying the product to damp Hair can work in our favour.

If you’ve found your recently Coloured Hair is a shade too dark for you, applying Colour Remover to damp Hair depletes its removing strength, slightly taking away that depth leaving you with a partially lighter shade. And if your Hair is bleached or very porous and will absorb the Toning mixture quickly, applying your Toning mixture to damp Hair is the perfect way slow down or weaken the Toning process.

Don’t forget the Colour Top Up Technique—where you add a splash of water to your Colour mixture and apply to your ends during the last 10 minutes of your Colours processing time. This boosts vibrancy through your ends, without them getting built up with pigment.

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