What Happens To Your Hair After Colour Removing?

Everything you need to know about what your Hair looks, feels and acts like after Colour Removing. 

Nothing beats the mood-boosting feeling of combing your fingers through freshly cleansed Hair that has been recently freed from the chokehold of the heavy weight of pigment. If that sounds like what your Hair needs, Colour Remover is going to save your life

Colour Remover targets it all — Colour Build Up, old Hair Colours, Colour disasters — penetrating the Hair shaft (gently, of course) sucking out the artificial pigment and then washing it out. And then what happens to your Hair after you've Colour Removed? We've put together this guide for anyone asking this question, particularly those of you who've never Colour Removed before. 

What happens to my Hair after Colour Removing?


This depends on three factors: 

The Hair Colours you have used in the past. 
What kind of Hair Colour you are trying to remove.
How Dark the Hair Colour you are removing is. 

The secret to the best Colour Remover result is knowing how it works with the Shade you are removing. Red, Black and Brunette Shades need more attention compared to Lighter Shades. Like an onion, each application of Colour adds another layer to your Hair. The more Colour applications, the more layers Colour Remover needs to clean out. A common mistake is not doing enough Colour Remover applications to do a good and proper cleanse. Too many layers of Colour result in Colour Build Up, clogging your Hair and stopping any other processes on your Hair from working. The secret is, you can do up to 2 Colour Remover applications a day (just remember to always apply your mixture to dry Hair).

If you have multiple layers of Permanent Hair Colour, but your most recent Hair Colour was a Semi, wash the Semi out first before applying your Colour Remover over the permanent pigment. 

Lightened Hair cannot be Colour Removed.

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Signs of a successful Colour Remover

A successful Colour Remover cleanses Hair of the Dark pigment and is quickly noticeable after washing your Hair because you'll see a super brassy version of your Natural Hair Colour. It's the only time we welcome brassiness because it is the sign of success. You'll also notice a consistent Colour from your roots to ends, unless you have pre-lightened Hair which will still show as warm, Lightened Hair. 

If you can see Darker patches in the mid-length and ends of your Hair, it's because you've got some old pigment still built up. Colour Remover again, focusing on the areas that are still dark. 

If you are Colour Removing Hair that is 100% Grey you will end up with a Warm Golden Light Blonde that can be Toned when you are ready. 

How Will Your Hair Feel After Colour Removing?


Softer, silkier and all round healthier. One part of the Colour Remover formula is a conditioning agent to protect your Hair. 

What To Do After Colour Removing

What you want to do next is completely up to you. Our best advice is to leave your Hair as long as possible to settle and allow your Hair shaft to close. 

If you do want to Colour, wait at least 48 hours, and choose a Hair Colour that is 2 shades Lighter than the Hair Colour you want to be. Your Hair is porous and will absorb everything you apply, making your Colour look Darker than the shade really is. 

When you're happy with your result, because you've taken your Hair back to your Natural, and just want to get rid of your Warmth — use the Light Ash Toner Kit to cool brassiness into a smooth Hair Colour. 

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Our Best Tips

Wrap your Hair in cling wrap or a plastic shower cap to intensify the Colour Remover application. 
Give your Hair a good, hearty shampoo, we'll generally shampoo 3 times.
If you're unsure if you still have Build Up, do a strand test first

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