Colour Remover Strand Test

Strand tests are like doing a mini Colour Remover on a small amount of Hair to ensure you get the results you want. They are the perfect way to check if you have any Colour Build Up or if you need to Colour Remove again, without having to apply Product to your entire head.

We always recommend doing a Strand Test to check you have completely Colour Removed all your old Colour out of your Hair before you can continue onto Lightening your Hair.

How To Do A Strand Test

Step 1

Wearing gloves, mix a small amount of Colour Remover. Take a small amount of Hair from the back of the head, or in an area that can be easily hidden. Separate your Hair strand and clip away the rest of your Hair using Sectioning Clips, to stop any Hair touching the mixture.

Step 2

Apply your Colour Remover to the Hair Colour that needs removing, covering well. Wrap Hair strand in cling wrap. Leave on for 20 minutes.

Step 3

Once development time is reached, rinse the mixture out. Dry Hair to observe results.

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