Undertone Or No Undertone: How To Pick Your Next Hair Colour

Master the art of your Hair Colour selection by understanding the differences in each Hair Colours undertones.

When it comes to Hair Colouring, the world is your oyster. While creating the My Hairdresser Colour range our vision was to have a plethora of pigments for our customers to choose from, with the unique ability to blend two Colours and create a personalised shade that was perfect for you. We don't like limitations, and we wanted our Colour range to reflect that, so when dreaming of your next Colour here's how to pick whether or not an undertone is for you.

The My Hairdresser Colour range consists of 3 different styles of Colour:

Natural shades are pure Brunette or Blonde Hair Colours with no reflects. All Hair Colours have a Natural Brunette or Blonde base that determines the lightness of a Colour. The undertone, or reflect, is added to give the Hair Colour a Cool or Warm style.

Hair Colours with a single undertone, have one pure reflecting pigment that gives the Hair Colour its defining hue. These are Hair Colours like 9.1 Light Ash Blonde or 5.3 Golden Brown, where Ash and Gold are the undertones.

Hair Colours with two undertones have a primary and secondary reflect giving them a bigger, more dominant Colour style. These are Hair Colours like 7.46 Rich Copper Red or 5.53 Chocolate Brown, where Copper Red and Mahogany Gold are the undertones.

So how do you decide which one is right for you? Discover whether a Natural, Cool or Warm Hair Colour shade meets your needs.

Natural Hair Colours

Natural Hair Colours are beautiful, uninterrupted shades without added reflects or undertones. These seamless, naturally radiant shades effortlessly blend with the Hair covering any greys or dullness with a boost of glassy Blonde or Brunette shine. These deluxe, lightweight hues suit all skin types thanks to their Natural no Hair Colour, Hair Colour style.

Try Natural Hair Colours like

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde

Cool Hair Colours

Cool Hair Colours are filled with cooling undertones that transform Hair into a smooth, muted tone. Cool Hair Colours include sleek Ash shades, creamy Beige's and satiny Silvers — all of which are the soothing antidote to Warmth. These illuminating shades add a supreme glistening single pigment shine to your Colour.

Try Cool Hair Colours like

Warm Hair Colours

Warm Hair Colours are a collection of glowing Golden, Copper, Red, Chocolate, Honey and Bronzed hues. These shades are rich and radiant, brightening Hair with intense hues and a flood of Colour. Unlike Cool Hair Colours, Warm Shades are big in character, attracting and reflecting light, adding volume to your Colour.

Try Warm Hair Colours like

Warm and Cool Hair Colours

There are a handful of Colours that have a blend of both Warm and Cool Undertones that give your Hair unique, full-bodied pigments that add dimension to your Colour. These Colours give you a bit of everything — richness, sleek cool hues and light-reflecting tones.

Try Hair Colours like

My Hairdresser
Deep Chocolate Plum
My Hairdresser
Pure Plum

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