These 6 Hair Colour Shades Add Volume and Body to your Hair

Pump up the volume by swapping to one of these plumping Hair Colours.

Team My Hairdresser is comprised of many varieties of Hair types — thick, Dark and curly, fine and straight, Blonde and fine, but lots of it — and even though we all have different starting points we are still all joined by the same pursuit: for thicker-looking Hair.

We’ve tried all the texturing mousses and hairsprays on offer but after a while, there is only so much stiff, crunchy Hair one can bare. Forget about products requiring daily applications because if you want to truly start faking it til you make it, look to your Hair Colour.

Start celebrating, thicker fuller-looking Hair is just an application away with a multidimensional Shade — that is a Hair Colour with 3 numbers. All our Hair Colours attract light, but the difference with these multi-dimensional shades are each of the 3 numbers in these Hair Colour Shades accounts for 3 Colour pigments which don’t just attract light, they reflect it too, creating sections of brighter shinier Hair and other sections of glossy shadowing.

This develops a multi-levelled effect that adds bounds of depth and dimension to your Colour, making it look bigger and fuller than before.

Take 7.53 Chocolate Blonde as an example.
The first number of the Hair Colour — 7 — represents the Hair Colours lightness, which in this case is a Medium Blonde.
The second number5 — is the Hair Colours primary reflect, which in this case is Chocolate Mahogany.
The third number3 — is the Hair Colours secondary reflect, which in this case is Gold.
When you are Colouring with 7.53 Chocolate Blonde you would expect a Hair Colour with strong Chocolate pigments and a glowing Golden reflect.

If all of this is sounding incredible, keep reading to make your Hair Colour dreams a reality.

For Warm Skin Tones, Hair Colours with Copper, Gold and Red reflects are your perfect match. These vibrant, expansive Shades will brighten your Hair with an all-mighty boost of warming pigment and illuminate your face, highlighting all its glorious features.

Try these Shades.

For Cool Skin Tones, Hair Colours rolling in dramatic Plum, Mahogany and Violet pigments are your pick. These rich, berried Shades bring an abundance of illuminating depth to your Hair Colour and an out-of-this-world shine.

Try these Shades.

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