The Hair Habits We’re Leaving In The Last Decade

Team My Hairdresser is leaving these bad Hair Habits in the last decade — because that's where they belong.

We know what’s not good for us, but we do it anyway. What can I say — we’re human. What is that about though? Why is it so easy to take the easy, worse for you route rather than the right road when it comes to habits? For example: Even though we know that rubbing your wet Hair through your towel is bad for your Hair, we’ll still do it before the blow dry or we’re yet to drop the temperature of the shower, despite learning that it can dry out your Hair, because a steaming hot shower is one of life’s great joys.

This year, the stakes seem higher. Maybe because it's not just a new year but a new decade that makes us feel like now is the time to leave those old behaviours behind. And, you know what they say, once you know better, you do better — so let’s start doing better by vowing to quit these dirty little Hair habits and leave them where they belong, in the last decade.

1. Quit The Top Knot

We’re guilty your honour! We love the go-to, convenient, easy put up, instant facelift Hairstyle, but your Hair doesn’t necessarily feel the same way. We’re not necessarily quitting it cold turkey, but we’re definitely doing it in moderation. Why? Because pulling your Hair back puts pressure on your Hair, particularly around your Hairline and has even been linked to baldness. Not to mention how the knotting in the ends can also cause damage.

2. Stick To The Touch Up. Nothing More.

This habit is a triple win because you’ll save time, effort and Product. So next time you are touching up your Regrowth, Colour just your Regrowth. Doing this will help you avoid Colour Banding and Colour Build Up through your ends and if you do need to reinvigorate the vibrancy through your ends, use the Colour Top Up Technique.

Hot Tip: All My Hairdresser Colour, Developer and Colour Removers are resealable and reusable.

3. Create Stability With Your Hair Colour.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a dramatic Colour change — that’s why we created Colour Remover — but the manic changing of Hair Colour every couple of months, or, *cringe at the thought* even monthly is like signing a death warrant for your Hair Colour. It’s a sad road that leads to Colour banding, an uneven Hair Colour and heavy Build Up through your ends. Creating Colour stability and consistency is the secret to great Hair Colour.

4. Regularly Check In On Your Hairs Health.

As we just mentioned, Colour instability or Colouring more than your Regrowth will eventually lead to unhealthy Hair. People have different symptoms that tell them their Hair is unhealthy. Mine, for example, is when my ends get knotty and sticky. Others may say when their Hair loses its elasticity or breakage that prompts a change — it all depends on the person.

Never underestimate what a good Hair cut can do and if your Hair is looking heavy and weighed down in Colour Product, a good Colour Remover cleanout will refresh your Hair and help restore its health. Luckily, all My Hairdresser Hair Colour Shades have a powerhouse, hydrating ingredients that protect your Hair and maintains shine.

5. Put Down The Hot Tools. At least As Much As You Can.

I know I know. Giving up the blowdryer and/or the straightener sounds like the worst idea, but putting them down, even taking a rest on the hairspray and backcombing will absolutely benefit your Hair.

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