The Hair Colours we’re going to see a lot of in 2020

A new decade constitutes a new Hair Colour, no?

Now that we are at that time of the year where resolutions have been broken and the year can now begin, we wanted to focus on more pressing matters — such as Hair — to announce what we foresee as the biggest Hair Colours of 2020. We’d love to know which ones you’ll be trying.

The Stone Blonde

If you read the Stone Blonde and it conjures dreamy imagery of oceans, beach houses earthy tones — you’re totally getting the vibes of this Colour. These Blondes come in a variety of Shades, all of which start with a naked Natural base and then veer off depending on the Warm or Cool style you’d prefer. A Warming hint of Gold gives you that sunny, sandstone Blonde filling your Hair with honeyed hues whereas adding a Cooling touch of Beige transforms your Blonde into a stony, creamier Blonde. However, if you’re more taken by the Natural base than the added pigments, stick with the Natural Light Blondes for a pure, unfiltered silky Hair Colour.

The Amber Brunette

The Amber Brunette is perhaps our most favourite Warming Brunette style we’ve seen in a long time. I’m not sure if its the way the Golden infused pigments reflect Warmth at every angle or how the intense Bronzed hues brighten up the Hair Colour with flashes of energy or that you can choose different Hair Colour Shades (Chestnut, Chocolate, Copper, or Gold) to get this kind of glow. Either way, if you’re looking to liven up your Brunette, this might be the one.

The Amber Blonde

You didn’t think that we wouldn’t find a Blonde equivalent to the Amber Brunette, did you? We love the audaciousness of these Hair Colours and how they are beaming in Bronzed brilliance. It’s no surprise that Gold plays a major factor in these Shades and you can dial it up or down simply through your Colour choice. And just you wait to see how these Hair Colours bring the Light into your Hair to brighten your Hair and skin tone. Perfection.

The Chocolate Brunette

And then this year, as every year should be, will be filled with big, glossy Brunettes. Tell me, is there anything more beautiful than seeing the shine of a Brunette as it moves so sleekly through the Hair? Add a Chocolate Brunette into the mix and watch that Warmth create volume and depth through the Hair Colour that would never have comprehended having it. Brunette’s should be indulgent, it’s like their superpower and regardless if they are smooth, mirror-like Natural ones or bounding with glossy Chocolate drama — they are all as close as we’ll come to nirvana and we want to see them all. the. time.

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