The Hair Colours of 2022 May Even Inspire You To Change Your Shade

After years of intensity, the Hair Colours of 2022 are a refreshing shakeup.

Trending a little darker, low maintenance and not too far off our Natural — the Hair Colours of 2022 are full of glossy optimism and celebrating the wonders of ourselves.

We welcome a healthier swap. Even within our team, we began adjusting our Colour last year. One needed more depth to get better grey coverage, another switching from a Light to Medium Blonde after her Hair was craving some reprieve after spending so much time in the sun and a switch back to the beautiful Dark side setting the scene for sunkissed skin paired with a Brunette saturated in shine.

Undeniably the Hair Colours of 2022 are about simplicity after two years of continuous complications — it's time to get back to living the good life. You have already flooded our socials and emails with your new Colours, showing us your tweaks and changeups — and we LOVE it!

So if it's time for a shakeup or you're looking for a new look, get excited because you're going to see these shades everywhere over the next 12 months.

Photo: Instagram @desiperkins

It's the year of the Brunette

This isn't a Brunette appreciation post, it's an all-out lovefest. You all know we're obsessed with a rich, glossy Brunette and how the same satisfaction can't be found with other Colours. 2022 is the year we're going to be seeing a lot of these iconic shades filling Hair with their debonair darkness.

Try these Brunette shades:

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Natural Brunette
Photo: Instagram @allegrashaw

But if going Dark to you doesn't mean you're into maximalist depth, a Light Brown even Dark Blonde, will have the same joy-sparkling effect. A crisp, Colour-enhancing Natural shade, that isn't too far from your own, is your target to take your hue to the next level saturating your Hair in extra light-obsessed gloss.

Try these Brunette shades:

My Hairdresser
Light Brown
My Hairdresser
Dark Ash Blonde
My Hairdresser
Dark Beige Blonde
Photo: Instagram @haileybieber

It's also the year of the Natural Blondes

Purists rejoice! Natural Blondes are every bit as effortless and classically chic as you could imagine. They're the perfect refurb your Colour craves, refilling your Hair with a pure hit of pigment that adds subtle life-flowing energy through your locks. You'll be dazzled at the welcomed influx of statement sparkling shine.

Try these Natural Blonde shades:

My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Blonde
My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde
Photo: Instagram @realbarbarapalvin

However, if brassiness can get the best of your beloved Blonde, Ash and Beige's hero hues absorb Warmth and restore your Blonde with Natural wheat and flaxen Blonde tones.

Try these Cool Blonde shades:

My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Beige Blonde
Photo: Instagram @tarmcc

And a time for bright reflects

When your Colour preference is listed under "show-stopper shades" it doesn't mean you'll be missing out in 2022. Subtle, lifelike Coppers share the throne with Natural tones. Tone down your usual Copper and Red intensity by mixing it with a Natural shade, still giving your Hair an exquisite glow.

Try these Copper shades:

My Hairdresser
Peach Blonde
My Hairdresser
Amber Blonde
My Hairdresser
Photo: Instagram @devinbrugman

If sun-kissed Warmth is your priority elevate your hue with a Golden shade. The subtle intensity flows through these eye-catching hues, bringing a youthful glow to your Hair and skin tone through the sprinkling of Warmth.

Try these Golden shades:

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown
My Hairdresser
Milk Chocolate

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