The Hair Colour Best Suited To Every Decade Of Your Life

As you age, your complexion changes. Adjusting your hue will ensure your Colour keeps highlighting all your best bits.

When it comes to ageing, I don’t care what you believe, it’s your life — live it. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll drink the potion, use the lotion, even contemplate adding salmon (gag)— do anything the experts say in an attempt to keep that fountain of youth flowing for as long as possible. Do you want to be let in on a little secret? There is one thing you can do, right now, that can help tap into that fountain and show instant reward. Change up your Hair Colour!

It might sound too good to be true, but I can assure you, it isn’t.

How? Certain Hair Colours can create shadowing once we hit a *cough* certain age, dragging your face down, emphasising your wrinkles and not allowing your natural beauty to shine. There are also Hair Colours that will lift your face by bringing the light and energy back into your face, highlighting all your best features so they can shine front and centre. Magic, huh!

The trick is, with every new decade we enter, we should reassess if our Hair Colour is working for us — and if it isn’t — make the simple switch to a shade that will! You might have tried all the overnight creams, green juicing, face masking anti-ageing tricks but you'll be hard-pressed to find one this easy with such immediate results. Keep reading to find which Hair Colour is the one for your decade.

In your 20’s

Have fun with bright, bold Shades. Take risks with intense, out of this world Colours. Even attempt Hair Colours that you’ll have the time to maintain now before other responsibilities take your focus. It’s the time to truly understand your Hair, what it responds well to, what it doesn’t like, what Colours make your eyes pop and what hues make you feel excited.

Try these Shades:

My Hairdresser
Blue Black
My Hairdresser
Cool Violet

In your 30’s

As you enter the decade life takes a seismic shift, it's called adulting. Spending hours on yourself just doesn’t exist anymore. Vibrancy is dialled down, swapping for Golden, Coppered, Chocolate or Plum tones that blend with your skin tone. Grey’s have decided to join the party and nothing covers these stubborn buggers better than a rich, glossy Natural tone. And now you know that brassiness is the #1 killer of blondes, a Cooling Shade is top of your priorities.

Try these Shades:

My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde
My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Peach Blonde

In your 40’s

It only gets better. It’s like you are in your 20’s again, get ready for a shakeup. Swap those sleek, Ashy Blondes for a softer, pearly Beige to be kinder to your complexion. Brighten your Dark Blonde and Brunettes with a Warm, Golden Shade to reinvigorate your Hair and skin tone. That intense Red you’ve missed, try an Amber Shade or mixing with a Golden hue to get a glowing tone.

My Hairdresser
Dark Toffee Blonde
My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde

In your 50’s

In the decade where you discover the true meaning of beauty, it’s all about creating that same positive energy you are beaming, in your Hair Colour. Brighten up your shade with a fresh breathe of Natural and Warm tones. Bring depth and bounce into your Colour with radiant Golden hues. Ditch any extreme, solid dark tones and find comfort in Hair Colours bounding in Medium Lightness that perfectly cover greys, ensure your Hair keeps its shine and lift your glowing complexion.

My Hairdresser
Light Blonde
My Hairdresser
Golden Brown

In your 60’s onwards

You might find yourself attracted to very, very Light Blonde hues to soften and blend with your grey or white Hairs. Embrace your Lighter base, adding a flush of Cool or Natural hues to add shine. If you haven’t already, hang up the Red and shadow encouraging Dark Brunettes. Still, enthused by depth? A Darker Blonde has just enough, while still preserving energy in your Colour and complexion. Keep with Natural and glowing Golden hues for their brightening powers.

My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde
My Hairdresser
Hazelnut Blonde

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