Spring Essentials: The 7 Products To Revive Your Hair From The Winter Blues

Bring on Spring fever with these essentials — a combination of refreshers, Colour igniters and vibrancy creators to get your Hair in the mood.

We’ve made it! Through the dark mornings and longer nights. Survived the bone-chilling winter winds. Thawed out from frostbite. Drank copious amounts of tea to reheat from the inside out. Oh, who am I kidding? We’re from Sydney, a city often accused of not knowing there is a season called Winter, who consider any temperature close to 10degrees as being sent from the arctic, who’s people rarely own a thick, winter jacket because we rarely ever need one.  

None the less, we survived and now suffering from a heavy case of spring fever. And we’re here for it. Bring it on. And bring on these Spring essentials, a combination of refreshers, Colour igniters and vibrancy creators to get you in the mood. Keep scrolling, they're below. 

Permanent Hair Colour Remover

Is it even Spring if there isn’t a mention of Spring cleaning? Why stop at your Hair? Now is the perfect time to hit reset with Colour Remover. Use Colour Remover to clean out built-up ends that are weighed down and full of product. Thinking of lightening? Take the less damaging route and Colour Remove your darker shade safely, instead of crucifying your Hair with bleach. And, more excitingly, Colour Removers innovative bleach-free, damage-free formula allows for multiple applications. 

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6.4 Dark Copper Blonde Hair Colour

Shake things up and let your Hair be taken over with Coppery Spring delight. This richly pigmented shade is beyond magnificent, saturating Hair in zesty bronzed Auburn hues that banish dullness and brighten Hair with animating tones. We love how 6.4 energises Hair and skin tone, without being as overwhelming as other Copper Colours can be. 

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Dark Copper Blonde

9.3 Light Golden Blonde Hair Colour

Inspired by the Colour tones of an Australian summer, 9.3’s Golden glow will wake Hair out of its winter slumber and catapult it directly into beach babe summer. Drenching Hair with warmth and sun-kissed hues, 9.3’s soft Golden blend is full of vivid Colour, giving your Hair a refreshed and healthy shine. 

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Light Golden Blonde

Toner Kit

The nasty brassies don’t stand a chance with the Toner Kit. This isn’t your typical Toner. Rather than use a shampoo or mask, the Toner Kit uses super-powered Ash pigments mixed with a No Lift Developer to cool away Warmth. Not only does this method keep Hair toned for longer, but it also allows Hair to keep its glossy shine. Everything you need is in this kit, including an Applicator Bottle that is resealable and washable, for use over and over again.

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8.44 Intense Copper Blonde Hair Colour

Lightning strikes twice with this Copper Blonde, blasting Hair with a double dose of electrifying Copper hues. Get ready for sensory overload, this Copper is bursting with bold, ultra brightening super pigments that can’t help but have a high-drama finish. No wonder this is one of our best selling Shades. 

30 Volume Developer

The eye-catching vibrancy in intense Hair Colour Shades is brought to life with a 30 Volume Developer. Lightening Hair 3 Shades, 30 Volume Developers brightening powers directly target the extreme pigments in a Colour, waking your Hair out of hibernation for all the world to see. 

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30 Volume

7.53 Chocolate Blonde Hair Colour

This buzz-worthy Blonde has had a cult following ever since its creation (and it’s easy to see why). With the perfect balance of lightness, boldness and richness this easy to wear bronzed Blonde is overflowing in Mahogany Gold grandeur, warming up the Hair with an abundance of high gloss voluminous pigments.  

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Chocolate Blonde

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