QUIZ: How To Find The Hair Colour Undertone That Suits You

There are plenty of Hair Colour hues, we’re helping you find the undertone that's perfect for you.

Have you ever chosen a Hair Colour but your skin tone didn’t seem to embrace it the way your eyes did? We get it. Are you browsing through the My Hairdresser Colour Range and are unsure if it’s Ash or Gold or Beige or Natural is what you are looking for? We get it. Take the quiz below (don’t worry, it’s only 5 questions) and we’ll help you work out which Undertone could work for you.

Let’s begin.

Question 1: What Hair Colour shades are you attracted to?

A) Simple neutral shades with a solid tone and shine.
B) Cool muted monotoned tones.
C) Glossy, but not bright. Sleek styled, but not dull.
D) Warm, light reflecting hues and eye catching Colours.
E) Rich, deeper hues with fuller tones featuring subtle or strong Colour reflects.

Question 2: How would you best describe your skin tone?

A) Versatile, can suit multiple clothing colours. Have mixed vein Colours.
B) Suit blue clothing. Skin has a pinkish hue. Have blue and purple veins.
C) Strong, cool Ash tones make your complexion look red. Skin tone is a littler cooler than neutral.
D) Suit bright shades and good applications of bronzer. Skin tones may have a peachy or bronzed glow. Have green veins.
E) Suit purple and wine shades. Neutral skin tones with little warmth or coolness.

Question 3: How would you describe your biggest Hair Colour problems?

A) Bland Hair lacking in Natural pigment. Great amount of grey Hair.
B) Suffer from immense brassiness naturally or due to lifestyle.
C) Need to softly cool yellow or Golden hues that occur naturally or due to lifestyle.
D) Plain, dull Hair that zaps your complexion.
E) Not getting enough Colour. You are craving a bolder and interesting shade.

Question 4: What trigger word do you like to hear to describe your dream Hair Colour?

A) Natural / glossy / born like this / mirror like shine
B) Smokey / icy / Ashy / sleek / toned
C) Creamy / pearl / soft / luminous
D) Sun kissed / Golden / Strawberry / Honey / Bronzed
E) Rich Red / bold / Burgundy / berry / wine / velvety

Question 5: What is the ultimate outcome you would like to see?

A) Great Hair condition. Dewy, balanced Hair Colour full of fresh Natural-styled pigment.
B) Perfectly Cooled Hair Colour. No more brassies or unwanted tones.
C) Refreshed shine. Soft and sleek Hair Colour, complimenting your skin tone.
D) Hair and skin tone that glows. Hair Colour with a pop of pigment, adding volume and light reflecting hues.
E) A bold Hair Colour full of eye catching Burgundy, Plum or Cool Violet Red reflects.

The results are in:

Mostly A’s: Natural Hair Colours

You are a fan of simple classic tones that perfectly enhance your Hair Colour with hues similar to your Natural. Add a little bit of luxe, while keeping it simple, with a fresh gloss of Natural Colour — plumping your Hair with solid, mirror-like tones and covering greys.

Shades to love:

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde

Mostly B’s: Ash Hair Colours

Your priority is counteracting Warmth while soothing your Hair into a shade that really suits you. Soothe brassiness with an Ash tone, revitalising Hair with smokey Silvery reflects that protect your pigment while promoting shine.

Shades to love:

My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Ash Blonde

Mostly C’s: Beige Hair Colours

If, in the past, you’ve found Ash’s tones too strong you’ll find Beige the perfect antidote. Marrying Cooling powers with creamy pigments — Beige’s softer, pearlescent tones soothe Warmth to leave your Hair Colour sparkling.

Shades to love:

Mostly D’s: Gold or Copper Hair Colours

Obsessed with vibrancy? Stimulate the senses with an extra oomph of warming hues to light up your Hair and skin tone. The beauty is, your Colour choice is immense. Brighten your Hair with a pop of Copper, incorporate Golden sun kissed tones or layer in Bronzed hues.

Shades to love:

My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
My Hairdresser
Golden Blonde

Mostly E’s: Reds, Plums and Violet Hair Colours

When you’re not afraid of Colour and one of the lucky ones who’s skin tone isn’t either, lean into the Red, Plum and Violet tones….. hard. Bold Colour statements aren’t for everyone, but when you have a skin tone that doesn’t get overwhelmed by them, it’s crazy not to embrace these shades.

Shades to love:

My Hairdresser
Intense Dark Red
My Hairdresser
Intense Violet

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