I asked a Colour Consultant to help me with my Hair Colour

And I took every bit of her advice.

My Hair Colour needed an update and after talking with my own My Hairdresser Colour Consultant, she guided me through the entire process — Products, Applications, everything — to help me achieve the Colour I had in my mind.

The Colour Brief

My Current Hair Colour

I have grown out Highlights which are beginning to look brassy and Dark, Natural roots that are around a 5 Light Brown.

The Colour I Want To Be

I want my Colour to be low maintenance like a Balayage, keeping my Darker Shade close to my Natural Regrowth Colour. I’m happy with the Lightness of my ends, they are just in desperate need of a Tone and I want my Colour to smoothly transition from Dark to Light.

Products I Used

After speaking with my Colour Consultant, we decided Ash Colours would be perfect for my brassy ends and the Warmth I throw Naturally in my Regrowth.

Regrowth / Base Colour

Colour Mixture: 1/2 x 6 Dark Blonde + 1/2 x 7.1 Ash Blonde with 20 Volume Developer.

Highlighted / End Colour

Colour Mixture: 9.1 Light Ash Blonde with No Lift Developer.


Step 1.

I applied my Base Colour over my Natural roots until I met the beginning of my Highlights, where I started staggering the Colour down to avoid a flat, harsh Colour line. Once I covered the top area, I started the timer for my 40 minutes processing time.

Step 2.

After the Base Colour reached 20 minutes processing, I combed my Hair from top to bottom. (My Colour Consultant suggested to do this to help blend my Colour and I too would recommend it!) Then I applied my Toning mix to my un Coloured ends and continued processing my Colour for a further 20 minutes. Once I reached my processing time, I washed it out and blow dried.

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