Huesday: It's about time Medium Blonde Shades were taken seriously

Guys, these Colour Shades are pretty freaken awesome!

The Blonde-of-the-moment is the Scandi Blonde — iridescent icy Cool, Platinum Blonde Shades the Colour of glaciers that make blue eyes pop and hang on the edges of cheekbones. But the Colour spectrum is big and vast, thankfully, and a few spots below Platinum lies the Medium Blonde family, a well overlooked Colour Shade that brings such big qualities to the Hair Colour with distinct Colour nodes that are just sitting there waiting to be celebrated.

Upon first thought, you may be inclined to believe that Medium Blondes are a rare elusive breed because what are they? You’ve heard of Light Blonde and you have heard of Dark Blonde, in the middle of the two shades lies the Medium Blonde family.

Medium Blonde refers to the Colours Lightness first, not just the hue. So, while there is a Natural hued Medium Blonde, within the Medium Blonde family are also Golden, Ash, Copper, Chocolate, Violet Colour Shades that all have the same Medium Blonde Lightness — just with their own Colour pigments.

And it's this in-between Lightness that makes these Colours so desirable. Don’t believe me? I invite you to keep scrolling while I plead my case in favour, heavy favour of why Medium Blondes are the real superheroes of Hair Colour.

Consider Medium Blonde the most user friendly Hair Colour enhancer. It’s sheer, unrefined Blonde pigments add a Natural dewiness to the Hair and its seamless Colour tone creates the glossiest Blonde you could imagine.

Swiftly moving onto the highest demand hue — Ash — that keeps us wanting more. Ash Blonde gets its popularity for its sleek, smoky Tones that hastily take care of brassiness by overpowering them with Coolness for a satiny Blonde finish. This is low effort Colouring with a high effort appearance.

Sitting at the pinnacle of Warmth is the Chocolate Blonde — a powerful pick me up pigment with potent rich Chocolate hues. We love the intensity of this Colour and its multi dimensional, voluminous Colour pigments that act like mini mirrors that reflect light and Colour as your Hair moves.

If Chocolate is too intense for your taste buds a Golden Blonde is made from pure Gold pigment that adds depth into your Colour for a full, not flat, Hair Colour. And that Warmth keeps the energy buzzing through to your ends for seamlessly shiny Hair that gives you the glow you want.

And the pièce de résistance of the family? COPPER. Rich Copper Red embodies it all— intensity, vibrancy, Warmth — that brings a sprightliness to your Hair Colour. This is what Hair Colouring is about, having fun and living your best Hair life with a Colour that reenergises you with every look.

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