How To Protect Your Hair During Summer

From prevention to protection, styling tips and re-glossing techniques, here's what to invest in to protect your Hair Colour all Summer long.

Summer is just the best, isn't it? Alfresco dining, lazy beach days, extended balmy evenings. Then there are the summer parties, long lunches and holidays spent by the pool. You know you're doing Summer right when you've paid more attention to the moment than your tresses and you begin to see the signs of your pool hoping, sun-soaked adventures taking their toll on your Hair.

Faded Colour, roots, dehydrated ends, breakage and Hair stripped of shine are typical for your Hair to experience during Summer. The good news is it's pretty easy to sweet talk your Hair back to its gorgeous pre-Summer self at home. From prevention to protection, styling tips and re-glossing techniques, here's what to invest in to protect your Hair Colour all Summer long.

Prevent Breakage

Swap the pulling and tension of a brush or fine comb for the soft, glide of a Wide Tooth Comb. I am not exaggerating, I am never without one. You'll find them everywhere I am, in the shower, bathroom, bedroom, office and my bags. A Wide Tooth Comb makes a drastic change to your Hair health, detangling your Hair without the destruction and breakage of a brush. Pro Comb Tip: I had a beach weekend and before I left I got a few fingertips of coconut oil and combed it through my Hair to protect my Hair and Colour. And when I'm Colouring or Toning, I'll comb through from my roots to ends to get a nice blend.

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Wide Tooth

Stop Damage Before It Happens

Forget your elastics (yes even the snag less one's) that rip, pull and tangle your Hair and switch to a Hair clip. They work brilliantly for all Hair types and Hair styles and are perfect post swim or shower, comfortable to wear at work on a walk or out to lunch, and who doesn't love a clip that matches your Summer outfit.

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Protect From The Everyday

The number one rule for Summer: always wear a hat whenever you're out in the elements to prevent sun-damage. Protection is so important and, as I mentioned earlier, before you dive head first into the closest body of water you can find, comb some conditioner or coconut oil through your Hair to safeguard your Shade. It may sound simple, but I can assure you it is very effective in protecting your Hairs look and feel.

Style Less, Embracing The Air Dry

Summer is prime washing season: swim, wash, swim, wash, add in your time spent in the sun and the need to blow dry or hot tong for your increased long lunches and your Hair will start feeling it. Taking a break from the hot tools over the Summer months will help minimise damage, protect your Hair health and prolong your Colour tone. Pro tip: Instead of blow drying, try a towel scrunchie to suck the excessive moisture out of your Hair post swimming or showering.

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Fix Brassiness, Feel The Difference

Is it Summer without brassiness? Fight Warmth and prolong it from coming back again with a conditioning Toner Kit. It doesn't matter if you love a Cool Hair Colour or prefer a neutral Shade, the Toner Kits (there are 3 to choose from, catered to your Colour type) are magic on your Hair, making a huge difference to your Hairs look and feel.

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Light Ash
Toner Kit
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Dark Blonde
Toner Kit
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Pearl Blonde
Toner Kit

Re Gloss Please

The secret to silky, luxe Hair is doing a Gloss Colour over Hair that is struggling, faded and lacklustre. It's a simple technique where you mix your usual Shade with a No Lift Developer and apply through your ends during the last 20 minutes of your Root Application. A Gloss Colour is easy to do and worth the effort, you'll dramatically see and feel the difference in your Hair and Hair Colour.

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