How To Prep your Hair for your Spring / Summer Hair Colour

The pre-steps to incredible Spring / Summer Hair Colour.

You know what they say, Summer bodies are made in Winter, and guess what? The same goes for Hair Colour. As the seasons are changing and you’re entertaining thoughts of your next Colour adventure, now is the perfect time that we like to hit refresh and do a deep Hair cleanse before moving onto our Spring/Summer Hair Colour.

But first, we need to take note of what we’ve done to our Hair over the last few months. To be honest, it’s pretty easy to get lazy with Colour maintenance. A quick slap all over Colour to hide your Regrowth here and a brighten your ends quickly there, quickly fills the Hair with Colour Build Up leaving you with dull, heavy ends and vibrant Regrowth.

Sound familiar? It’s time to Colour Remove, not for a Colour change, but to clear out your Colour Build Up. Hot Tip: Colour Removing your Colour Build Up erases the extra Colour weighing down your Hair, instantly refreshing your Hair so it can breathe again.

Take note, those of you Colouring with Brunette shades may need a few more applications of Colour Remover to really clean out your Colour Build Up. For our Copper, Rose and Red Colourer's - Colour Removing and reviving can help keep your Colour vibrant.

And while you’re cleaning out your Hair, why not do the same to your Colouring cupboard? Making sure to get rid of the old, crusty dried up Colour tubes, mostly empty Developer bottles, worn out Tint Brushes — it all has to go.

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