How To Get Back To Colouring When You Haven’t Coloured in Forever

Got lazy? This is how you get your Hair Colouring routine back on track.

Did you decide to stop Colouring? Got too lazy? Thought you wanted to grow your Hair out? Imagined your Natural Colour to be way more glamorous than it really is? And now you’re stuck with a neither here nor there Hair Colour. So when you decide you want to get your Hair back into a Colouring routine how do you recreate the glory you once had or on the flip side, how do you create your new look?

By asking yourself first: What is your Hair Colour goal?
Followed by: What Colour Products have you put through your Hair in the last 12-18 months.

But let’s start with what Hair Colour you want to be. If you’ve forgotten what Hair Colour Shades suit you the general rule is Cool Skin Tones suit Cool Hair Colours, Warm Skin Tones suit Warm Hair Colours and Natural Hair Colours suit both Warm and Cool Skin Tones.

If you want a glossier, fresher version of your Natural Colour — choose a Natural Hair Colour Shade for a lightweight Colour upgrade.

Try these shades

Craving a bronzed, glowing Hair Colour that instantly enhances your Hair and Skin Tone — choose a Golden Hair Colour Shade.

Try these shades

Or if your Hair is being consumed by Warmth, a Cool Hair Colour Shade will subdue it right away.

Try these shades

Now you’ve decided your Hair Colour goal, it’s time to take a quick look over your Hair history, focusing specifically on the last 12-18 months.

Hair history is often overlooked, however, any Colour Products and processes you have used through your Hair in the last 12 - 18 months will show up somewhere and potentially affect your goal Colour if not accounted for.

And so, any previous Semi Permanent, Permanent Hair Colours or Bleach need to be declared and attended to before Colouring. Take a Semi Colour, that needs to be washed out before you begin Colouring. Whereas Permanent Hair Colour needs to be fully Colour Removed out of your Hair before you even think about Colouring, especially if you want to Lighten Dark Coloured Hair. Bleach, however, can be Coloured over.

Once you have answered these questions it’s time to move onto Colouring. You’ll need your Colour and Developer and a Tint Bowl and Brush or Applicator Bottle to mix and apply your mixture. And if you’re having any problems, contact our Colour Consultants who will be with you on every part of your Colouring journey.

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