Hair 101: What are Highlift Platinum Blondes?

Do you want to be the super Light Blonde without Bleach, excessive Warmth and worrying the process will melt your Hair and dry it out? Meet the Highlift Blonde's.

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Do you want to be the super Light Blonde without Bleach, excessive Warmth and worrying the process will melt your Hair and dry it out? Enter Highlift’s, the Extra Light Blondes that will soon be your new favourite way to get a Light Blonde shade, while benefiting from the Colour’s moisturising and Toning talents.

What is a Highlift Colour?

Highlift’s are Extra Light Blonde Hair Colours with a unique Colour formula that enables you to get your Hair lighter than a regular Colour. Their key purpose is to lighten the Hair without having to use Bleach.

Why do you use Highlift’s?

Highlift’s give you so many advantages. They are a great alternative to Bleach and reduce the amount of damage caused when going light. Because they are a Colour, you get the bonus of conditioning agents moisturising your Hair during the Colouring processes. Unlike Bleach, Highlift's give you more control during lightening and also Tone your Hair at the same time using the Colour pigments.

Highlift’s are most effective when lightening from a Natural Dark Blonde or lighter. You can use Highlift’s on Dark to Light Brown Hair to reach a Medium Blonde.

What Colours are Highlift’s?

901 Extra Light Ash Blonde

A great choice if you are already Naturally Light and going Lighter. The Ash hues will Tone any Yellow/Orange shades that come up when Colouring.

902 Extra Light Beige Blonde

When you are looking for a classically, creamier Blonde that will destroy any Yellow Blondes.

908 Extra Light Silver Blonde

We like 908 when Lightening Naturally Dark Blonde Hair, particularly if you have a lot of warmth. 908’s strong Silver pigments do wonders to counteract any Orange, Gold or Red Tones that can create a Brassy hue when lightening. Instead, 908 gives you a seriously silvery Blonde.

How to use Highlift’s

Highlift’s are matched specifically with 40 Volume Developer so they can reach their full potential. Mix 1 part Colour to 2 parts 40 Volume Developer. This is a runnier mixture, so try this quick tip when mixing: Squeeze your Colour into the bowl first and mix until you get a smooth consistency. Then add the Developer quantity bit by bit, stirring along the way to create a smooth, even consistency.

If you are applying to your full head of Hair, start with your lengths first and then go back to your roots, to avoid the heat from your scalp lightening the root Hair and creating a heat line. Leave on your Hair for 45 minutes. Rinse as normal.

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