Hair 101: How To Paint Money Pieces In Your Hair

Discover the stunning benefits of Money Pieces and how to create these face framing Highlights at home.

Discover the secret of subtleness with Money Pieces. These eye catching, face framing Highlights are painted near the front and sides of your face with a subtle, but still striking contrast, to draw attention to your beautiful facial features. These strategically placed ribbons of Colour make a statement without requiring the upkeep of a full head of Highlights or a complete Colour change while still giving your Hair Colour a fresh, modern style.

Why We Love Money Pieces

Money Pieces are high-impact Colouring for little effort, enhancing your skin tone and eye Colour while perfectly framing your facial features. Money Pieces add dimension to your Colour without the commitment and upkeep of Highlights and can be the perfect gap to bridge between your Regrowth and grown out Highlights or Lightened Hair. This low maintenance style is perfect to recreate at home and has the diversity to suit all Colour types.

Not convinced? Take a look at these beautiful examples:

Photo: Instagram @rosiehw

Soft Money Pieces

The Soft Money Piece style is a gentle take on the Money Piece technique. Instead of bold, high contrast Highlights, Soft Money Pieces use a Hair Colour close to your Natural Shade for an understated but still eye-catching effect. We love this Medium Blonde framed with beautifully Lightened Pearl Blonde Money Pieces.

Photo: Instagram @mirandakerr

Eye Catching Money Pieces

Eye Catching Money Pieces create a striking and attention grabbing dimension in your Hair. Eye Catching Money Pieces use a Hair Colour that contrasts dramatically with your Natural Shades to create a visually stunning effect that not only frames your face but also becomes a statement piece in your overall look. We love how these Eye Catching Money Pieces harmoniously move through this Brunette.

Photo: Instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

Baby Light Cluster Money Pieces

Baby Light Cluster Money Pieces combines a collection or cluster of Baby Lights framed around your face to create a stunning and multifaceted look. These tiny, delicate Baby Lights are closer to your Natural Shade, creating a more understated but still eye-catching effect. The Baby Light Cluster Money Pieces are perfect to blend into previously Highlighted or Balayage Hair, bringing softer ribbons of Light Blonde into your Hair to bridge the between Natural Regrowth and Lightened ends. We love how these Baby Light Cluster Money Pieces add a touch of excitement to the Hair while keeping it elegant and chic.

How To Paint Money Pieces At Home

To Colour your Natural Hair begin by choosing a Light Blonde Hair Colour with a Cool Undertone to counteract Warmth while Lightening, such as 9.1 Light Ash Blonde, 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde or the Highlift Blonde Shades. Mix these with a strong Developer, 30 Volume or 40 Volume Developer, to get the proper lift of Lightening powers. Tip: Everything you need is in the Baby Light Bundle.

How To Apply To Your Hair

Take your well combed Hair and part in your favourite or most used part (most commonly straight down the middle). Section your Hair and take out the Hair you want to use as Money Pieces from the front of your Hair that frames your face. The bigger the Money Piece style you want, pull out more Hair. Don't go bigger than a 20cent piece. If you want to create the Baby Light Cluster Money Pieces, pull out multiple small thin Hair sections from around your face and Hair line. Clip the rest of your Hair back out of the way.

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Baby Lights

Mix a small portion of Hair Colour, generally around 1/4 Tube of Hair Colour and 1/4 Bottle of Developer or, for the best and strongest Lightening powers, use 1/4 Tube of Highlift Blonde and 1/2 Bottle of 40 Volume Developer (found in the Baby Lights Bundle). Mix until smooth and combined.

Place a piece of foil underneath the Money Piece and turn your Tint Brush on its small side, applying your Colour mixture from your Regrowth down making sure the Hair is coated with plenty of Hair Colour. Once completed, wrap the foil securely around the Hair to protect the rest of your Hair from Lightening. Once all your Money Piece Hair is covered and wrapped in foil, allow to develop for 40-45 minutes. I suggest you keep an eye on your Hair while it is wrapped in foil incase it is Lightening too quickly, if so, wash as per instructions immediately. For other Colourer's, you may find your Hair has soaked up all the Colour. If so, use your left over Colour mixture to top up and reapply to your Hair.

Tip: If you are Colouring over already Highlighted Hair, paint the Colour mixture on your Regrowth and avoid applying the Hair Colour over the already Lightened Hair.

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