Hair 101: How To Colour Your Hair Darker

We've catered to all Colour changes, big and small, to show you how to create a harmonious new, Darker, Hair Colour.

Tempted to change for the sake of the season or a craving for a seismic shift or ready to go back to your beginnings? Our Colour vibe this year is deep-rooted in-depth and we've already made the move to Darker shades with absolutely no regrets.

As you'd expect Darkening ones shade may be different from you to me. For example, I've just had to fill in my Extra Light, Lightened and sun-bleached ends before settling into my delicious new Light Blonde. Without it, my ends would have been an awful shade of green and my roots perfectly Light Blonde.

The process of going Dark doesn't mean you're Colouring to a Dark Brown or Black, of course it can mean that, but also includes a simple change of 1-2 shades darker. So where do you start? We've catered to all Colour changes, big and small, to show you how to create a harmonious new Colour.

When you are transforming your Very Light Blonde 1-2 Shades Darker to a Light Blonde.

You may be surprised by how transformative this change is. Break your Colour into two applications and mixtures, one for your Regrowth and the other for your Lightened ends. Begin by applying your new, Darker Colour mixture to your Regrowth, and once finished, start your processing time.

Then, create another Colour mixture with your Darker Colour combined with a No Lift Developer and gently apply through your Lightened ends.
Tip: You do not need any lifting powers from your Developer over your already fragile ends.

Tip: If the ends of your Hair are extremely Light, avoid using an Ash or Beige Hair Colour as it could turn your Lightened ends Grey or Green. Switch to a Natural or Golden shade to act as a Colour Filler if you feel your Lightened Hair needs a rebuild of pigment. This won't turn your ends Golden, just help create a base to build off and create a better Colour blend.

When you are transforming your Dark Shade 1-2 Shades Darker.

Dark Blonde or Brunette — it's the same method for both. To avoid causing Colour Build Up, which often occurs in Darker Shades, apply your Colour mixture to your Regrowth, and once fully covered start your processing time.

Add a splash of water to your Colour mixture and combine to weaken, once you have 20 minutes left on your processing time apply the rest of your Colour mixture through your ends and cover well. This simple technique will refresh and re gloss the ends of your Hair while avoiding Build Up.

When you are transforming 3 or more Shades Darker.

A big Colour commitment like this needs to be done over 2 processes — one to fill your Lightened Hair and the other to get you to your goal Colour.

First step, your Colour Filler needs to be a Golden shade mixed with No Lift Developer and applied over your Lightened Hair only. This will build pigment back into your Hair where it lacks, giving your new Colour something to grab to. Choose a Shade that sits in between your Lightened and goal Colours.

You can do your second application the same day if necessary, making sure to apply to dry Hair. Apply your goal Colour to your Natural Regrowth first, and once that is completely covered spread through your ends.

When you want to Colour over your ombre or balayage.

If you're over your Lightened ends and want a more fluid, seamless Shade use the same application as above, applying your Colour Filler through your Highlighted ends to create a Colour base. Then apply your Darker shade all over your Hair.

When you want more depth at your roots and a refresh through your ends.

This is such a simple way to replenish your Colour by opting for a subtle change to a Darker Shade without giving up your beloved Lightened ends. Choose a Hair Colour that is in between your Natural Hair Colour and your Lightened Hair Colour. For example, your Natural Colour is 5 Light Brown and your Hair is Lightened with 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde, choose a 7.1 Ash Blonde.

Apply your Colour mixture to your Regrowth, tapering the Colour mixture down through your ends in small sections to add dimension. If you need to Tone your ends, this would be a great time to apply your Toner in the last 20 minutes of your Colours processing time. When you have 10 minutes left on the timer, comb from your roots to ends with the Wide Tooth Comb to blend and marry the two Colours beautifully.

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