Hair 101: A guide to Brunette hues

It grates us that people can so simply minimise all Brunette Colours to one simple term: Brown Hair.

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It grates us that people can so simply minimise all Brunette Colours to one simple term: Brown Hair. Did you know you could get a Warm Brunette or that you can find Ash Tones outside of Blondes? Or that they come in more options than just dark? So before we start ripping out our Hair in frustration, we thought we would break down the beauty that is a Brunette and introduce you to the different hues.

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The Natural Brunette

Natural Brunette’s are exactly as the title suggests, they are a Natural shade. They are a single pigment hue that will give you a smooth, one-dimensional Colour that is just like a Natural Colour, but beautifully toned.

Our favourites:
3 Dark Brown is so dark that it's extremely close to black. It’s glossy, shiny and gives you incredible depth unseen in other dark Colours.
5 Light Brown is our version of a true Brunette base Colour. It is a neutral hue that is our first choice for those looking for “Brown Hair”.

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The Cool Brunette

Cool Brunettes have dominant Ash or Beige Tones, that have nothing to do with the Colour’s lightness. They are a creamier, softer Brunette with a smokey hue. They are superb for those seeking a sleeker, more subdued shade.

Our favourites:
6.2 Dark Beige Blonde might not be as dark as you would think for a Brunette but we use it for a cooler, softer Light Brown or mix it with a darker Natural Brunette shade (5 Light Brown) for a creamier, Natural variation.
7.1 Ash Blonde is a favourite to mix with a Natural Brunette to create a Toned down, cool Light Brown. It creates this unique hue that isn’t easy to replicate with a single Colour.

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The Warm Brunette

Warm Brunettes have dominant Golden, Chocolate, Copper or Mahogany hues. They have the most intensity and bring a glow to the Hair that translates into incredible depth, giving your Hair Volume, unlike any other Colour. Warm Brunette’s are the best way to recreate a Natural looking, sun-kissed warmth.

Our favourites:
5.53 Chocolate Brown has a bit of it all. Its has a Mahogany depth with a bronzed, Golden reflect. These double hues make for a thicker, richer Colour with a full, warm Natural Brunette effect.
5.52 Deep Chocolate Plum is a polished Colour with a perfect balance of warm hues. It's rich, it’s shiny, it’s incredibly vibrant and very a dominant shade.

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