Get Inspired: 9 Hair Colours We Want To Copy Right Now

And they are so easy to Colour with at home because we’ve added the Hair Colours that match them.

Scrolling through Instagram is a dangerous game these days. Making anything that easy to shop has meant my dogs now have new calming beds in addition to new toys, I am also currently considering a new pet food company and recently I started taking vitamins I discovered from a fellow Sydneysider.

See what I mean? Dangerous.

So can you imagine what kind of monster I become when I scroll and see Hair that I like, knowing I have all the products at my disposal to copy it. But I am only one head and there are only so many people on the My Hairdresser team that will listen to my rants for so long. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Instagram finds below and the Colours that you can use to recreate them.

Creamy Dark Blonde

Always a sucker for Beige’s velvety smooth pigments and the way it gives this Hair Colour its milky effect, this dewy Dark Blonde ticks all the boxes.

Get her Colour using: 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde by My Hairdresser ($19.99)

Arousing Amber

Amber Shades are having a real moment right now. With Warming depth invigorating Hair with a rush of radiant hues, the Amber Blondes volumising pigments are the perfect combination of Golden and Copper tones.

Get her Colour using: The Amber Blonde by My Hairdresser ($37.99)

Halcyon Honey

If you’re a Gold lover, these high-shine honeyed hues are equal amounts rich and glowing, brightening your Blonde with a burst of luminous, airy Warmth.

Get her Colour using: The Honey Blonde by My Hairdresser ($37.99)

Brunette Bombshell

Nothing serves quite like a super-sleek Brunette. The depth, the shine, the gloss, the mirror-like finish — this Brunette Hair Colour is a piece of art only achievable with a single pigment shade.

Get her Colour using: 3 Dark Brown by My Hairdresser ($19.99)

Peach Perfection

These show-stopping Peachy tones instantly brighten with pastel Copper hues that softly, and effortlessly, glow through the Hair.

Get her Colour using: The Peach Blonde by My Hairdresser ($37.99)

Smoke Show

Hints of smoky hues make this Medium Blonde the coolest one out there. Not only do the crisp Ash pigments soothe the nasty brassies, but it also gives this Blonde an iridescent iced outshine.

Get her Colour using: 7.1 Ash Blonde by My Hairdresser ($19.99)

Dewy Depth

Oh Natural Brunettes, how we adore thee. Your relaxed hues, your glistening Brown pigments, your low-maintenance style make you one of our absolute favourite Hair Colours.

Get her Colour using: 5 Light Brown by My Hairdresser ($19.99)

Warming Wonder

Bringing a healthy dose of Mahogany and Gold into a Brunette is always a winner. These bronzed pigments are beaming with Warmth and volumising tones that enliven your Hair *and* complexion.

Get her Colour using: 5.53 Chocolate Brown by My Hairdresser ($19.99)

Platinum Power

This pillowy Platinum Blonde blend is overflowing with cooling Ash tones that seamlessly keep the nasty brassies under wraps and keep the shine sky high.

Get her Colour using: 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde by My Hairdresser ($22.99)

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