For the love of light Blonde. Why there's more to Blonde than Platinum

This is the official opening of the Light Blonde Appreciation Club, created for its devotion to Light Blonde’s that aren’t as white as your yolk free omelettes.

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A quick type of Blonde into Google and you're shown a bunch of extremely light, Blondes. Like the only type of Blonde people know exist are the over processed, bleached Platinum Blondes. Sure Platinum Blondes are an incredible Colour, but my search query was for Blonde.

Consider this the official opening of the Light Blonde Appreciation Club. The club created for its devotion to Light Blonde’s that aren’t as white as your yolk free omelettes, rather they fall slightly down the lightness scale and into the more Natural looking category. Do you want more specifics? An 8 Light Blonde is a perfect example.

8 Light Blonde

So why should you fill out your membership sign up form? Where do we begin? Oh probably at the fact that being that it is a Natural Colour, it will suit most skin tones. Or that it's an achievable Colour for Blondes and Brunette’s and it covers those stubborn Grey’s especially well. Plus you don’t need to use Bleach for a Blonde head of Hair.

Light Blondes get us thinking about that bright, salty-scruffy Blonde you get after chasing summers on the world's best beaches. But that doesn't make them a casual Colour. They are rich and luminous and because they are not too light, but light enough, they make for a smart choice for any Brunette’s wanting to climb the Colour ladder and land at a nicely toned, polished Natural hue.

What about if the Level/Lightness of Blonde is exactly what you are looking for, but you want to add some extra hues in? Look to the rest of the 8 range to add some warmth or cool down your Colour.

Use an 8.2 Light Beige Blonde to calm your Colour into a creamier, smoother hue. It can also help eliminate any warmth, by Toning down your Hair. Or in contrast, use an 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde to go the exact other direction and illuminate your Colour into an energetic Copper. 

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