Don’t Let Dullness Win: 7 Of The Best Resuscitating Hair Colours

These superhero shades will restore your Hairs vibrancy and glow. 

Your Hair Colour has transformative powers and a Colour change is, in fact, one of the best beauty secrets we know. You will quickly find a tired, flat Hair Colour stripped of shine and pigment doesn't just affect Hair — it quickly spills over into your skin tone, adding draining shadowing to your complexion and instantly making you look as worn out and tired as your Colour.

A carefully considered Colour has the revitalising powers to welcome back vibrancy, promote shine and enhance your glow, giving your Hair and skin tone new life. Here is our rundown of the best resuscitating shades your Hair and complexion are crying out for.

Best for Brunettes

Nothing is sadder than a flat Brunette and the miracle of a Golden glow should never be underestimated. 5.3 Golden Browns subtle Golden shimmer refreshes a stagnate Brunette, reawakening it with delicate Warmth and a soft sparkle.

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Golden Brown

If it is gloss you are going for, the Milk Chocolate's fuller, deeper tones blend into Brunette heaven. These luxuriously Natural styled hues make each strand sing with volume, rebounding light with every movement to get back that much needed healthy bounce.

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Milk Chocolate

Best for Blondes

Give your Hair a full revival with a burst of 7.53 Chocolate Blondes robust tones that stimulate the senses. Loaded with dual Mahogany and Chocolate pigments that attract and reflect light to create never-ending volume, these Warming Colour tones freshen and protect Hair with an intensely moisturising formula.

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Chocolate Blonde

You'll fall in love with this naturally nutty Hazelnut Blonde, illuminating your Hair and complexion with a hint of delicate Warmth. This Medium Blonde blend has the perfect measure of depth to help reboot your Blonde out of its slumber.

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Hazelnut Blonde

Banish boring through a fresh injection of Boss Blondes perfectly balanced blend of warmth and depth. These crisp champagne tones enhance a bland Blonde, infusing it with a subtle richness and a smooth, healthy Golden glimmer.

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Keeping your Blonde sparkling couldn't be any easier thanks to 9.3 Light Golden Blonde. Luminously light and bounding in pure Golden energy, these sun kissed tones awaken your Hair and complexion with a bombshell glow.

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Light Golden Blonde

There is nothing like the Honey Blondes soft hints of Gold glistening through your Hair as it sparkles in the light. This brightening Blonde revitalises Hair with a hit of dewy Warmth, subtly plumping your Hair with silky, high-shine tones.

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Honey Blonde

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