Bored? Let your Hair Colour take you on a holiday adventure

You might not be travelling too far this year, but that doesn’t mean your Hair Colour can’t take you on an adventure.

Normally, this time of year is filled with the sound of people clicking on their out of office. But not this year. The annual snow trip has been limited to the ones lucky enough to score a pass and the usual pilgrimage to the Amalfi to escape to the sun has been swapped for take me back posts on social media. 

I’ve been seeing this current environment as an opportunity to try new things — painting, broadening my cooking skills, documentary watching — because I love the satisfaction when you can step back and say “I did that”. And it seems that you too feel the same.  

Since March, the number of emails we’ve received from you telling us (euphorically I might add) that you’ve finally jumped over that initial hurdle and Coloured your roots or changed up your Hair Colour is overwhelming. It’s incredible how many of you thought you couldn’t then proved to yourself that you absolutely could.   

We want to keep continuing this I can energy because that’s exactly what you need when starting a new adventure. What adventure did you say? Well, you might not be going on holiday but your Hair sure can. All you need to do is choose your destination from the choices below. 

Holiday Hair Colour: The Peach Blonde

The Amalfi might be minus the Aussies this Winter, but your Hair is never far from the shoreline with our Italian made Hair Colours. Imagine emerald blue water, sun-kissed skin, a fresh plate of pasta and a Hair Colour that has the warmth and vibrancy of your favourite holiday beverage — the Aperol spritz. 


Holiday Hair Colour: 3 Dark Brown

Slow yourself down and take your Hair on a spiritual trip, engulfing it in tropical air, green rolling hills and rice paddies of the Balinese countryside. Feel the peace and tranquillity of nature trickle through your body and embrace the calm with nothing but Natural shiny hues and a deep glossy Brunette Hair Colour. 

Holiday Hair Colour: The Rose Gold

Let your Hair down and take in a big deep breath as the relaxing scents of lavender fill your nose, softening the tenseness in your shoulders as you settle into your cane chair, admiring the never-ending view of the quaint country towns of Provence and undulating hills of purple. Toast to your travel buddies while you enjoy your lunch under the trees as your Hair flashes pinkish hues, that match your favourite French Rosé, whenever the sun catches it through the leaves.

Holiday Hair Colour: 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde

Perch yourself under the shade of a Loulu palm with the high climbing green mountains at your back and stare out into the translucent aqua filled waves ahead of you. Feel the aloha running through your body, while the warm summer breeze softly graces your face. Lay back as your Cool, creamy Blonde glistens as the suns rays hit your Hair, while you enjoy your favourite holiday cocktail — the Pina Colada. 

Holiday Hair Colour: The Boss Blonde

While your time away eating and drinking through the Champagne region. Skip from champagne house to champagne house, clinking glasses with every first sip of the finest bubbles the region has to offer. Cut yourself a piece of classic French cheese, rip yourself off a handful of baguette and embrace the french life — with a classic, pearly Blonde. 


Holiday Hair Colour: 908 Extra Light Silver Blonde

Take the chair lift up the mountain and breathing in a big swig of that crisp, icy air. Feel the freshness on your face as your cheeks turn rosy red from the chilly temperatures. Enjoy your night's warming by the fire, cuddling a steamy hot cup of cocoa keeping you and your icy Blonde snug and cosy. 


Holiday Hair Colour: The Honey Blonde

Roll down the roof of your classic Mustang and hit the road, cruising through the boiling deserts, winding around coastlines and exploring country towns, emerging yourself in all the sights and smells of the U-S-A as your glowing Honeyed Blonde blows in the wind.

Holiday Hair Colour: 7 Medium Blonde

You’ve packed your backpack ready for a month long haul train hopping and border crossing through Europe. It’s vital you only travel with what you absolutely need and the same goes for your Hair Colour, a low-maintenance Shade is paramount. This kind of adventure is perfectly suited to the shine of a Natural Shade and its full-coverage hues. 

Where will your next adventure be to?

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