Bleach free, Damage free: How does Colour Remover work?

Carefully designed to remove Hair Colour without destroying your Hairs health — get to know the ins and outs of the wonder product.

Once upon a time, honestly not that long ago, if you were to walk into a salon and say you desperately needed to remove your Hair Colour or you wanted to lighten your darkened Coloured Hair or you burst in crying because of a Colour disaster — there would be only one word mentioned…. Bleach. 

Cue *gasp* and flashbacks of sensitive scalps, dried out Hair and doing anything to avoid breakage. 

Thankfully now, in the age of Colour Remover, the nightmare is over and your Hair never has to shake with fear again. Colour Remover is the all-time all-rounder, cleaning out Colour Build Up, fixing Colour disasters and helping you reach your lightening dreams — while cleansing and conditioning your Hair on the way. 

Carefully designed to remove Hair Colour without destroying your Hairs health — read on to discover how Colour Remover does it. 

Why do you use Colour Remover? 


You want to change your Hair Colour.
You want to lighten Hair that is currently Coloured with a dark Hair Colour. 
Your Hair Colour is too dark. 
You have Colour Build Up.
Your Hair Colour is uneven. 
You want to go back to your Natural Hair Colour. 
You want to go Grey, naturally. 

Is there a difference between Colour Remover and Bleach? 


Yes! Colour Remover gently collects the artificial pigment in your Hair and washes it away, leaving your Hair and its Natural pigment unaffected and un-damaged. Bleach strips and destroys your artificial pigment as well as your Natural pigment, decimating your Hairs health and texture. Unlike Bleach, Colour Remover has no lightning powers and will not lighten your Natural Hair Colour. 

How does Colour Remover work? 


Once applied to your Hair, Colour Remover gently opens up your Hair shaft and then, like a magnet, collects and dissolves the artificial pigment so it has nothing to hang onto in the Hair. Then, after 20 minutes on the Hair, the artificial pigment just washes away. 

Tip: Although you may think leaving Colour Remover on your Hair for longer than 20 minutes will remove more Colour, it does the opposite — reverting your Hair Colour to your original shade. 

How do you use Colour Remover? 


In a Tint Bowl or Applicator Bottle, pour equal parts of Part A and Part B and stir or shake until both parts are properly combined. Starting at the top of your Hair, begin applying your Colour Remover mixture coating all Coloured Hair until it is completely covered. Be aware the Colour Remover mixture is runnier than Hair Colour. Wrap your Hair in cling wrap or a shower cap to strengthen the removing process and leave on your Hair for 20 minutes. Once your time has been reached, rinse and vigorously shampoo Hair 2-3 times. 

Tip: Once your Colour Remover is open, it will oxidise and weaken in strength. Ensure to apply it to your Hair as soon as possible. 

What should you expect after Colour Removing?


After a successful Colour Remover application, you will notice a lighter, warmer shade. If you are removing a difficult Colour or cleansing Hair of Colour Build Up; you might notice the Hair closest to your Regrowth is lighter, while your mid-lengths through to your ends are faded but not fully removed of Colour. This is a sign your ends still have Colour Build Up and will need another application of Colour Remover through your darker ends.

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