Why we put 2 parts into Toning

You should never settle for anything less than a longer, lasting smooth Hair Colour.

Looking after yourself this Summer might consist of a lot of green juices, yoga and sunscreen, but have you considered what you need to do to maintain your Hair? Yes its important to have the right conditioner, get a good trim and protect your Hair from the sun, but what about your Colour?

Whether your a Platinum Blonde, Dark Blonde or Brunette, the elements; sunshine, chlorine, saltwater, will change your Colour. It lightens, warms and adjusts your Colour away from those beautiful hues you started with. This is not something that will work itself out, it needs to be corrected. Enter Toning.

We always discuss the importance of Toning, particularly during the warmer months. It should be a priority and absolutely part of your maintenance.

There is one question we regularly get asked: why do we use a Colour and Developer to Tone, rather than a purple rinse or Toning shampoo?

Its simple, we want you to use the proper, professional Products. Unlike a rinse or a shampoo, using a Permanent Hair Colour with a Developer gives you a longer lasting result. It also gives you the ability to help even out your Colour during the Toning process. Plus you get the added benefits of extra conditioning from the Olive Oil base in our Colour, leaving your Hair moisturised and full of shine.

Try These Toners Instead

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