The 7 Colouring rules we swear by

Any time we open the My Hairdresser Salon, these are the rules we stick to every time.

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Mixing Colour should be done in stages.

When preparing your Colour mixture, squeeze your Colour in the Tint Bowl first and use your Tint Brush to blend it into a smooth consistency before adding Developer. It will give you a creamier mixture that activates and combines easier with your Developer.

Sectioning isn’t just for anal Colourers.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Colouring your roots freestyle will give you a great Colour, it won’t. No matter the size of the job, we always divide the Hair into at least 4 sections and clip seperately. Without sectioning, it’s difficult to know where you have or haven't applied Product and sectioning seriously reduces mess and time.

Your Blowdry is the best friend your Colour could ask for.

Colour your Hair when you have a day old blow-dry or straightened Hair. It makes application a breeze, keeps your Hair sections tidy and the added grease in your Hair will protect your scalp. For you curly Haired beauties out there, this one rule will change everything.

If you start at the back, there will be less swearing.

Starting at the back of your Hair puts you in the driver's seat for a neater, easier application. And if you are Colouring with a Dark Colour, you want to Colour your baby Hairs last, because they are fresh and fine and will absorb that Colour right up, making your Hair looking so much darker than it is.

Gold makes you glow.

We’ll use a squeeze of a Golden hue with our Natural Colour mixture to sprinkle some energy through the Hair or to grab and cover stubborn Grey’s and leave us with a youthful glow.

Beige is Ash’s softer, soothing sibling.

Ash, albeit a fantastic Toning hue, can be too strong or stark if you’re looking for a softer Blonde. Swap your Ash for Beige and hey presto there's your soft, creamy Blonde that is more smooth less sleek.

Keep a Colour Card.

Oh, the times I have forgotten my favourite Colour mixture or gotten my Colour ratios wrong because it was more important to remember a useless story I heard while Colouring rather than remember my Colour. We give you a Colour Card with your online order, use it.

Do you have any rules you want to add to the list?

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