5 ways to break a Hair rut

5 ways to kick that Hair rut to the kerb without cutting it all off.

Do you keep reaching for the same Hair Colour and it’s not fulfilling what you want? Oh yeah I know the feeling, it sounds like a rut.

A quick chat with our team lead us to conclude that the definition of a Hair rut is as follows:

You don't care anymore. Your Hair is no longer a priority, neither is your Colour maintenance nor how it looks. It’s no longer your beloved mane and your Hair is better pulled back or up in a messy bun which takes your issues further when you’re stuck with damaged ends. You’ve let it go, you’re Hair has run ragged and won.

Yeah Hair ruts are the worst but we want, no need, you to know you have choices outside of cutting it all off. Let’s start with these 5.

It’s time for a new pigment.

We mean keep your Colour at the same level, don’t Lighten or Darken it, just add a new hue by choosing a Colour with an Ash, Beige, Golden, Red, Copper (the list goes on) reflect. It’s a simple solution that can be achieved with minimal processes.

Take this example: you have been Colouring your Hair a 6 Dark Blonde for a while and you want to bring in a new Colour pigment. You could try a 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde so you would keep the same Lightness in your Colour, with the added Copper reflects.

Make your Hair look thicker.

Maybe it’s time to abandon that flat, single pigment Colour you’re using and switch it up for a Colour with multiple pigments/reflects (a Colour with a reflect is any Hair Colour number that consists of 2 or 3 numbers). Reflects create Volume by adding another layer to your Colour. When your Hair moves, the layers of your Colour catch the Light creating depth and dimension that make your Hair look thick and voluminous.

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Reduce the Warmth.

When you’ve let your Colour run wild and now it’s Gold and Brassie, it’s time for some TLC. Take a moment to re love your Hair by Cooling it down and giving it a Tone. Use the Toner Kit or an Ash or Beige Colour mixed with a No Lift Developer to Tone. Remember, don’t leave the Product on your Hair for more than 20 minutes.

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Is this still the Colour for you?

Our skin changes as we age and it’s amazing what Hair Colour can do to our complexion. Your once favourite Colour might be ageing you and is no longer the right choice for your skin Tone.

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It’s time to get back to basics.

Have you been Light, Dark, Red or Ombre and now you’re done with the statement style. Give yourself a break for a moment and go back to basics with a Natural shade. It’s the perfect resting spot to take it easy for a minute until you imagine what’s next.

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What do you think, is it time to break free of your rut or does it look like a chop is on the horizon?

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