3 Of The Best Butter Blonde Shades For A Cool, Creamy Colour

A Butter Blonde is like a croissant; delicious, creamy and rich in flavour.

ICYMI we announced the Hair Colour of the Year belonged to low maintenance, naked, minimal effort Hair Colours. And of course the resurgence of Beige and the introduction of the Butter Blonde which ticks all the boxes: a low maintenance, naked looking Colour with minimal effort needed.

A Butter Blonde is like a croissant; delicious, creamy and rich in flavour, and similar to anything French it has that effortless essence. Its superbly balanced Warm, Natural Tones with Cool, Beige pigments make the Colour Light and creamy without being too Beige. This Colour Tone combination makes the Butter Blonde shiny with a glossy, milky glow that is best suited to Cool Skin Tones.

Thankfully the Butter Blonde is very versatile with different Lightness levels that can be tweaked to individual complexions. These are our 3 favourite variation Butter Blonde variations.

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Butter Cream Blonde

The Butter Cream is our Lightest and palest Blonde with subdued Yellow Tones that create a shiny, sunny Blonde similar to Butter Cream frosting.
Mixture: 1/2 x 9 Very Light Blonde + 1/2 x 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

Butter Blonde

The Butter Blonde is Light and Creamy with full buttery hues that fill and illuminate your Hair Colour.
Mixture: 1/2 x 9 Very Light Blonde + 1/2 x 8.2 Light Beige Blonde

My Hairdresser

Photo: Tumblr

Burnt Butter Blonde

The Burnt Butter, just the name gets the senses flowing, is a Medium Blonde and the Darkest of the Butter Blonde variations who’s rich velvety Blonde Tones create a smooth and luminous Darker Beige Blonde.
Mixture: 1/2 x 7 Medium Blonde + 1/2 8.2 Light Beige Blonde

My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Beige Blonde

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