How to create Volume with your Hair Colour

Did you know, you can create the illusion of volume and thickness simply through your Colour choice?

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So you want volume without dedicating hours to curling, blow drying and flinging your head up and down while ingesting generous amounts of volume boosters and Hair spray. You know, you can create the illusion of volume and thickness simply through your Colour choice.

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You can build Volume by choosing full bodied Colours. These Colours aren’t flat or dull, instead they have depth and distinct hues and get added character from reflects. Reflects are the key to creating Volume, choose Colour’s with single or double reflects. I know what you’re thinking, how do I know what Colours have reflects?

A Colour with a reflect is any Hair Colour number that consists 2 or 3 numbers. For example:
6.4 Dark Copper Blonde has 1 reflect that is Copper.
7.46 Rich Copper Red has 2 reflects that are Copper and Red.
A 3 Dark Brown is a Natural Hair Colour and therefore has no reflects.

Choosing whether you Colour with one or two reflects comes down to personal preference.

Colours with one reflect are distinct and bold, with one main Colour hue. The extra reflect, creates a beautiful shiny Colour, that adds another layer to your Colour. It’s the extra layer that makes your Hair look thicker. Take 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde. The depth of a 6 Dark Brown mixed with the shine of the Copper reflects, gives your Hair Colour a fuller appearance.

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Colours with two reflects are as distinct and bold, but the extra reflect gives you an additional layer and Colour hue. This extra layer plumps up your Hair in a different way. For example: 5.53 Chocolate Brown features Mahogany and Golden reflects. These two reflects give your Colour warmth and when the Hair has movement, shimmers of these Tones give another dimension to your Colour. This creates a full bodied Colour, with serious character.

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