Colour Match: 5.3 Golden Brown

Enter 5.3 Golden Brown, your vacation Hair.

Have you ever wanted your Hair to look like you have just hopped off a plane from St Bart’s, or somewhere just as exotic, without actually leaving your neighbourhood? Enter 5.3 Golden Brown, your vacation Hair.

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Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

5.3 is a Brunette’s dream. It’s Natural Golden reflects gives you that Bronzed glow and sun kissed warmth. Think Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo. The Dark Brown base gives you the depth for a classic Brunette Colour - Hello Allison Williams, Kate Middleton.

Colouring doesn’t need to be about a drastic change. Use 5.3 to pump up your Natural Colour, a little added Warmth does wonders for your Hair and skin Tone and the added reflects add life to Brown Hair.

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