Taking Care Of Summer Hair

Forgetting about your Hair is not the answer, following these tips is.

We speak a lot about how the environment affects your Colour, particularly during Summer when all you want to be is out and apart of it. It’s easy to forget about the tedious task of maintenance. A lot of us just give up, creating a nice bronzed Colour, and I don't mean your tan. Forgetting about your Hair is not the answer, following these tips is.

Cover Up

The sun, combined with salt and chlorine, will fry your Hair if you give it the opportunity. Those with Coloured Blonde or Bleached Hair should pay particular attention. Opt for a Hat when your out in the sun, it is an important form of protection for your Hair.

Remember Your Colour

Being in and out of the sun and water can lighten or add new reflects in your Colour. Typically, Blondes often suffer with unwanted brassiness and will need to Tone. Applying a leave in conditioner before your day in the sun and the addition of a hat, can help minimise this problem and stop it from being a bigger one.

Keep an eye on the Green

That lovely Green tinge we get from chlorine affects all Hair Colours, but is the most obvious on Blonde Hair. To avoid chlorine build up, before swimming, wet your Hair to avoid chlorine absorption or comb a leave in conditioner to protect your Hair. Rinse your Hair thoroughly after getting out of the water. Make sure to rinse the Hair at the end of each day. If the green gets too bad, Colour Remove at the end of the season.


Find a decent Conditioner and use it, it will be your best friend. Leave it in after long days in the water, use it before swimming as a form of protection. Invest in a hair mask or treatment to use every few weeks, for extra moisture. Your Hair will thank you for it!

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