Why we use Natural Colour Shades For An Instant Colour Lift

We call it simple brilliance.

Simple brilliance or brilliantly simple, we can’t decide which best describes Colouring with a Natural shade best. Yes, you read that right — Colouring with a Natural Shade — because it’s the instant Hair lift that gives you a fresh, woke-up-like-this canvas. So when we want to keep it simple without being too simple, we’re using a Natural Hair Colour shade and here’s why.

The Naturals Ranges’ purpose is to Highlight - your Hair, your skin and your facial features. It’s easy, low maintenance Colouring at its best, but we specifically use them to Colour with a shade that is basically identical to our Natural (Regrowth) Colour because it’s an excellent Colouring move.

Why? For one, when you’re choosing a Colour close to your Natural you already know it will suit you and it’s the best Colour booster you can get.

The secret of Natural shades is that they are solid Colours, so they attract tonnes of Light — which makes them super shiny and the perfect Colour base, plumping your Hair with flushed, glossy Natural Tones while the intense hydrating ingredients inbuilt in each Colour, deeply conditions your Hair with each application.

How to Colour with a Natural Hair Colour Shade.

Step 1.

Identify your Natural Hair Colour by checking your Regrowth.

Step 2.

Choose the Natural shade that is closest to your Regrowth or Colour you want to be.

Step 3.

Choose your Developer.

Step 4.

Following instructions, Colour your Hair.

Take a look at these Colour matches.

Colour Match: 3 Dark Brown

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Colour Match: 5 Light Brown

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Colour Match: 7 Medium Blonde

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