Why Toning Is Key To Looking After Your Blonde

This powerhouse product is the superhero shade saver capable of more than just calming the nasty brassies.

Wowee, Blondes are beautiful. But she (the Hair, not the person) can be a complex little thing when she wants to be. Some of us have to go to great lengths to lighten to our dream shade — leaning on bleach to do the heavy lifting at the expense of striping your Hair of all that is good: moisture, health and pigment. Others can lighten with a Blonde Permanent Hair Colour Shade that minimises damage, protecting Hair with its unique formula without loosing too much Natural pigment.

And then, inevitably, your Blonde will require a little love and attention because the 4’s — sun, salt, sweat and styling products — are attempting to rain on your Blondes parade. Soon you’ll be dragging around a head full of Hair feeling like its been left in a salt field, looking like it has been on a bender.

Now what?

Now, we Tone.

If there is one thing Blondes can’t live without, it's a Toner Kit. This powerhouse product is the superhero shade saver capable of more than just calming the nasty brassies.

Toning your Hair will:

Counteract the Warmth, leaving you with a smooth Cool tone.

Refill your striped Hair back up with cool Blonde pigment, to reinstate health and shine.

Give your Hair a fresh gloss and injection of oils and conditioner, quickly working to have your Hair feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Tackle flat, dull Hair and bring gloss, body and variation back into your Colour.


This can’t be achieved with your run-of-the-mill purple shampoo. The Toner Kit and Dark Blonde Toner Kit have redefined toning. Formulated with a cooling pigment, the key compound and strongest of its kind, that does more than temporarily hide the brassiness — it coats the Hair with a healthy dose of cooling tones absorbing all the Warmth until it has reached your peak shade.

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
Toner Pack

Both Toner Kits unique two-part cooling system contains a hefty hit of all the good stuff — like olive oil conditioners — that refuel, rehydrate and reproduce shine, while never leaving your Colour flat and matte again.

When should you Tone?

Toning is a problem for us *cough* Blondes and Brunettes who get a little help from an assortment of products. You’ll find the environmental stressors of Summer will see you Toning more than usual, but ultimately how often you Tone comes down to how much you need to.

One time-saving tip is to Tone when you touch up your regrowth, applying your mixture through your ends during the final 20 minutes of your regrowths processing time.

Which Toner Kit should I use?

Perfect for all-round Toning, the Toner Kit’s very light cooling pigment is suited to all Hair types, soothing Hair with cool Ashy hues.

For the Dark Blondes and Brunettes, the Dark Blonde Toner Kit offers a more specialised experience using a deeper pigment to diffuse brassiness with smokey Ash tones.

Can I only Tone with a Toner Kit?

If Ash doesn’t give you a sensorial sensation, there are two other cooling pigments you can swap to — Silver or Beige — and mix with a No Lift Developer. Beige’s milky hues offer a more delicate Toning hue with a pearlescent reflect, while Silver edges closer to Ash with crisp glassy tones.

Just ensure you choose a Cool Shade that is the same lightness or Lighter than your Blonde and follow this guide.

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