What your Hair Colour says about you

Well, what does it say?

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Disclaimer: in order to take a break from our usually content heavy posts, we thought we would offer some light entertainment.

I envision anyone that is super smart or super organised to be Brunette. At school, they always seemed to be the most conscientious and diligent ones who would just get the job done, in a way I could only dream of. So when I apply this theory to my Brunette friends of today, who do tick the super smart and super organised boxes, I also notice they have veered off the type A path lately and don’t necessarily have it together like they used to.

Side note: the majority of my Brunette friends I observed have all chosen to Lighten their Hair with a series of unToned Bleached sections, which of course I remain polite and silent about, when they ask my opinion of their Colour disaster, to keep the friendship in tact. Maybe these Bleached additions could be part of their recent reckless abandon?

This observation also leads me to realise that, as we don’t like Colour generalisation at My Hairdresser, it’s wrong and presumptuous of me to presume that all Brunette’s are type A personalities and that all Blondes are bimbos. And as a person that switches between both hues, I find this kind of generalisation hilarious, so I decided to create my own.

Wish me luck.

Let's begin at the beginning with the Dark Black Brunette - aka my alter ego. This woman is striking, strong and knows what she wants and how to get it. She could be mistaken for being a little harsh, but it's just her take no prisoners attitude.

Anyone would be considered harsh compared to the Deep Chocolate - Nigella Lawson - Brunette. She’s your second mum, who offers you indulgence without the judgement because she’s right next to you doing it herself. She’s the loving soul that bundles you into a cable blanket while telling you everything is going to be alright. Does that come with a side of chocolate cake?

In contrast, the Cool Light Brown considers themselves the queen of basic brilliance. The I don’t Colour my Hair, type of Colour is an ode to the simple life, with the girl next door sweetness and modern glamour that could as easily be described as an introvert or extrovert depending on the day.

I imagine the Golden Brown as the active, outdoorsy type who climbs mountains and rappels  down to the pick up their stand up paddle board waiting at the base. They're outgoing, down to earth and a great, loving energy to have around.

Which leads us up to the Bronde’s. Bronde’s are either lazy - hence the low maintenance Hairstyle or need to follow the trends. Routine is the enemy, both in Hair and life, and your next style is as close as the next season. You’re on the move and ready for new ideas. Side note: while writing this I am currently a Bronde and would consider myself as lazy, who hates routine but doesn’t care too much about the next Hair trend around the corner. Does that make me an exception to the rule or a combination?

We should all consider Red Head’s superior, after all, the chances of being one Naturally are very slim - like they only account for around 2% of the world's population. The intense Red hues - Coppers, Violets etc - like to be noticed. They're in control, organised, are very spirited and love the energy and confidence their Colour gives them. Power to you!

On the other side is the more subtle Red Tones, who I immediately associate with whimsical or magical. I have never met anyone with this hue that isn’t deliciously quirky and walks to the beat of their own drum or music taste.

To categorise Blondes into one type - ditsy, dumb, girly, is such a rookie error.

Think of the Natural Blonde next to you in yoga who can't understand why anyone would Netflix and chill when there is a wide world out there to explore and a green juice waiting to rehydrate you. She chooses a Natural Blonde Colour that is not too far off her Natural regrowth for a low maintenance Colour and with all that hiking, knows she will get some sun-kissed Highlights to add dimension.

The Cool Blonde couldn’t be more different. Where the Natural is laid back, she is strategic and planned. Her free spirit involves switching up her Toning shade from Ash to Beige on the odd occasion to break with tradition. Her eyebrows are styled, her taste is distinct and her Hair is high maintenance and something she takes pride in. It's also something we admire very very much.

The Golden Blonde knows what she likes and what works for her - those Golden, Bronzed hues. She likes the sun and water, is spirited and possibly favours sun over everything, hoping to escape the winter months for something a little more tropical. I see coconuts and pina colada's.

And Finally the Platinum Blonde. So they’re high maintenance, so what? A Colour with this kind of precision requires serious TLC and the person demands the same kind of high standards. But mention high maintenance and you might be met with an aggressive speal and how they just like to take pride in how they look.

And they always tell me it’s just Hair Colour….

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