This is how you get that Instagram Hair Colour

We’re not into the over complicated, over processed shades. This Natural based Colour is quickly becoming an all-time favourite. 

Photo: Tumblr

You know our obsession with simple Colours. We’re not into the over complicated, over processed shades. So It’s no surprise to us that when we posted this pic, it lit up our Instagram and quickly became an all-time favourite. We love a good Colour match and this one was ripe for the picking!

So what’s the key to this Colour? The choice of Blonde. It’s not Platinum or Ash, nor is it heavily streaked. It's the perfect mix of Natural hues with a slight Golden punch. We would add this to the fake-it-till-you-make-it category because it gives you the summery Blonde you wish you had Naturally.

Photo: Tumblr

This Colour match is straight forward. Mix 1/2 9 Very Light Blonde for the Natural Colour base with 1/2 9.3 Golden Blonde for that same Golden hue. You don’t need Highlights, just stick with the Colour mix and apply to the full head. In no time you’ll have a radiant, shiny Blonde!

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