This Blonde hue will be the biggest, glossiest Hair Colour of Summer

Uh oh, this Blonde creation might have you rethinking yours.

I used to be the kind of person who would fully jump into each season with my Hair Colour. Warm it up with a Copper or Golden buzz for Autumn, deep Brunettes through Winter, Colour Remove it all out through Spring and then back up to Blonde in Summer. Golden Blondes have always been my favourite Blonde hue, but my Hairs Natural penchant for Warmth mixed with the ocean, more time spent outdoors and chlorine mean I very quickly have a significant amount of brassiness to battle with.

Until I finally had had enough. I’m not such the transitional Colourer anymore. Practicality won out because I found a shade that was so incredibly perfect for my Hair, my skin tone and my Colouring regime that there was no way I was going to give it up.

It’s called the Butter Blonde and it is the most superb, pearliest Blonde Hair Colour I’ve ever had in my life. It keeps my Colour balanced, manages my Natural brassiness, maintains shine while protecting my Hair from what the world has to throw at it.

And all this Colour magic is possible because the Butter Blonde is a custom Colour, made from half creamy Beige pigment with half luxe Natural Light Blonde pigment to give my Hair that super glossy, pearly shine.

Surprisingly, with a Beige base, I still find the Butter Blonde quite beachy. The Natural richness of the Colour breathes an illumination through your Hair, similar to what you’d expect with a Golden Shade. Therefore I consider the Butter Blonde a modern update on the Summer Blonde — toned, sparkling, glossy just like the reflection of the sun across the ocean. Perfect.

Butter Blonde

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