The French Girls Guide to Hair Colouring

Embrace the finesse of French Hair Colouring with our palette of Shades that will illuminate your style.

We can sum up the French girl Hair Colour in one word: effortless. It’s a simple Colour choice that gives an enormous reward, without doing much. It’s low maintenance Colouring that builds off your Natural Colour to enhance what you’ve already got, like your beautiful bone structure.

The key lies in your Colour choice, choosing a shade close to your Natural Colour that will plump up your Colour and fill your Hair with energy and shine. The reward onset continues. These barely there Colour’s get your complexion glowing, highlighting the best of your facial features and showcasing those eyes and cheekbones.

Focus on the Dark Blonde to Lighter Brunette Colours that have Natural or Warm Tones to add the gloss and shine you need to pull off this style (it sticks with the I don’t Colour my Hair, Hair Colour theme of this year). Keep your Colour choice close to your Natural Regrowth Colour as it is a Colour booster that should be low maintenance, without drastic Regrowth lines.

We adore these 4 Colour choices.

Photo: Tumblr

5 Light Brown

5 Light Brown is the epitome of the Natural French Girl style. It’s Natural Brunette hues inject the shimmer creating a fuller, deeper pigment giving you a refreshed and glossy Hair Colour that doesn’t even looked Coloured.

My Hairdresser
Light Brown

Photo: Tumblr

5.3 Golden Brown

What French Girl doesn’t have a glimmer of Warmth trickling through her Hair, like they’ve just returned from a summer spent sunning on the Riviera! There are no Blonde Highlights here, just those Bronzed Golden hues that give the Hair Volume and texture, Warming up the Hair and complexion.

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown

Photo: Tumblr

6 Dark Blonde

We call 6 Dark Blonde the naked Hair Colour because it isn't too Dark or too Light. It is a glossy Natural Colour Tone with no reflects or added pigments, just an emphasis on creating a solid, shiny Colour.

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

7.53 Chocolate Blonde

7.53 Chocolate Blonde is a rich Colour with strong Golden Mahogany pigments that blends into a smooth Caramel, Chocolate Blonde Hair Colour. Use 7.53 when you want to bring dimension and Warmth into your Colour, that makes your Hair and skin glow.

My Hairdresser
Chocolate Blonde

Channeling the essence of Parisian streets, each adorned with its own collection of exquisite sights, we have carefully curated 3 more Shades that offer you that classic cool, Parisian style.

My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde
My Hairdresser
Golden Blonde

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