The Biggest Hair Colour Shades for Spring

Now is the time to embrace the transformative powers of the season and bring your Hair out of hibernation.

Spring a ding ding! Now is the time to embrace the transformative powers of the season and bring your Hair out of hibernation, for nothing is as fresh and spirit-lifting as a new season of warmer weather and lighter nights. Whether you're dreaming of a spring fling or spring spruce, these shades will transform your Hair into a blossoming shade.

The Bronzed Brunette

For the Brunette that needs a little life and a healthy pump up of volume, this Chocolate Brunettes Golden Mahogany blend is the one. You can't get much better than this combination of depth and glow, bringing full-bodied and youthful tones back to your Hair and complexion.

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Chocolate Brunette

The Creamy Blonde

Keeping your Dark Blonde, nearly Brunette, beautifully toned through Spring is a breeze with these gloriously cooling Beige hues. Brimming in creamy, satin pigments perfectly matched to a Dark Blonde base that reflects never-ending glossy pearlescent undertones, your next Blonde will be your smoothest.

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Dark Beige Blonde

The Rosy Red

Transform a weary head, beaten down by the Winter blues with your fast-track ticket to vibrancy. This free-spirited Copper Red cocktail targets dull, flat Hair overwhelming it with bright, volumising hues that radiate light attracting Warmth taking your Hair Colour to another level.

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Rich Copper Red

The Sunshine Shade

Pay homage to Spring and Summer with the Hair Colour that exemplifies sand, sun and surf. This glowing Blonde transforms Hair with sprightly Champagne Blonde hues, adding a buoyant bubbliness to your Colour and bringing back the sun-kissed sparkle to your shade.

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Light Golden Blonde

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