Our Colour Consultants Say They’re Asked These Hair Questions The Most

Whether you're a new user or a frequent one, these answers will make your experience easier.

Did you know, our founder Susan (or Susie as she’s known to all of us) created My Hairdresser because she was a working mum with little time to schedule in a visit to the salon? Her time in the Haircare industry meant she had access to salon professional products she could use at home and when she didn’t she was astounded at how little choice there was for home Colour users.

And so My Hairdresser was born with a clear ethos — affordable, accessible and easy to use home Hair Colour Products that are the same quality you’d expect from a salon. But she also knew that she never wanted a home Colourer to feel overwhelmed and alone and so created the My Hairdresser Support team divided into two areas —

Part 1. A Colour Consultant Team who are available to you to discuss all your Colouring questions and guide you to the right Products for your Hair.
Part 2. The My Hairdresser Online Support that features all the information you need to know that’s at one's disposal whenever you need it.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions posed to our Colour Consultant team in hope that regardless of you being at your starting point or a frequent Colourer, these answers make something click to make your Colouring or Colour Removing experience easier.

Most Frequently Asked Colour Remover Questions

Will Colour Remover damage my Hair?

No. Colour Removers bleach-free formula softly enters your Hair shaft, grabs onto the artificial pigment (the Permanent Hair Colour) and dissolves it, so it can just wash out. You’ll even find your Hair feels softer, healthier and physically lighter because your Colour Build Up is no longer weighing it down.

Will Colour Remover Lighten my Natural Hair Colour?

No. Colour Remover will only remove artificial Permanent Hair Colour. Colour Remover also can’t remove Semi’s, Bleach or Grey Hairs.

After Colour Removing, will my Grey / White Hair come back?

No. If you are removing the Colour you applied over your Greys, your Hair will be left with a Golden tinge. This is a good thing because it means you’ve successfully Colour Removed and that Warmth leftover is from the Developer you previously used.

Toning will get rid of this Warmth, but, if you are looking to stop Colouring you can start embracing your Greys by following this guide.

Will Colour Remover affect my relaxed/keratin-treated Hair?

Yes, it can. Colour Remover needs to open up your Hair shaft to clean out your Hair Colour, which can also affect your relaxed and keratin-treated Hair.

Can I bleach or bleach bath after Colour Removing?

Yes, you can. Always wait at least 48 hours to allow your Hair time to settle before doing another process.

Most Frequently Asked Hair Colour Questions

Can I mix an Ash and Gold Hair Colour to make a Cooled, Golden Shade?

Our Hair Colours are made for mixing, although mixing a Cool Hair Colour (like Ash, Beige or Silver) with a Warm Hair Colour (Gold, Chocolate, Copper or Red) is pointless as they will counteract each other.

If you are looking to subdue the amount of Warmth in your Hair Colour, mix a Natural Shade in with your Warm Colour mixture so you still glow. Find out more about Colour mixing here.

I Coloured my Hair with a Dark Shade. Now I want to go Lighter. Can I just Colour over it?

Absolutely not. That Dark Hair Colour needs to be completely Colour Removed out before you can start Lightening your Hair.

I have highlights and I don’t like how stripy they look. What can I do?

You are not alone, this is one of the most common questions we are asked. Harsh highlights are typically chunky stripes of Colour that are stark in contrast to the rest of your Hair Colour which, ironically, make the base for a great Colour transformation. Highlights create dimension so all you need to do is soften them to reduce their severity.

Darkening your Regrowth will ease the contrast between your highlights and Hair Colour while staggering your Regrowth Colour will soften the highlight lines giving you a smoother Colour. We’ve covered this issue in much more detail here.

I have Coloured my Hair and now my Regrowth is much lighter and brighter. What happened?

Say hello to your new hot roots. These little buggers rear their ugly heads for a few reasons — which you can see here — and can be calmed down with a Tone.

I want a Lighter Hair Colour to blend with my Natural greys. How do I do it?

Step One: Colour Remove your Hair Colour out, allowing extra time and effort to remove your probable Colour Build Up.
Step Two: Colour your Hair with a Lighter Colour using the Gloss Over Technique.

Most Frequently Asked Developer Questions

Do I need to use the Developer suggested?

No, you do not. The Developer we suggest is only a guide that is based on your natural Hair Colour being a 5 Light Brown. You can find out which Developer you need for your Hair here.

How many bottles of Developer do I need to buy?

The Hair Colour mixture ratio is 1 part Hair Colour with 1.5 parts Developer, which equates to 1 tube of Hair Colour and 1 Developer.

However, Highlift Blondes require a Hair Colour mixture of 1 part Hair Colour with 2 parts Developer, which equates to 1 tube of Hair Colour with 120mls of Developer.

If you have long or thick Hair, this Colour mixture should be doubled for the best Colour coverage.

If these questions conjure up more of your own, take a look through our Support Pages or email our Colour Consultant team.

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