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It all comes down to your Support crew, who are so important that if we didn't have them, we would quit right here right now. 

Here’s the thing. When it comes to Colouring or Colour Removing, there is a good way to do things and a great way. You’re already in the right place for good (it involves choosing the right, high quality Products), but what does it take to reach the level of greatness? It all comes down to your Support crew, who are so important that if we didn't have them, we would just pack it in.

Support Pages

There is always a Colour being done in our office. It’s like our version of a brainstorm session/ team meeting and it generally results in us developing new blog topics or support pages or updating our current info. So when we think who is the most important in our support team, it would be our team captain: our Online Support Pages. This is the most important place to us. It's where you can come in as a beginner, indulge in all the information and bit by bit turn into an incredible home Colourer.

Sectioning Clips

If you’re a regular you will have seen us mention these guys a thousand times, but seriously Sectioning Clips are a must have. Doing Hair without them is a nightmare. Oh, don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the ways we use them:

Sectioning and holding Hair pre Colour/Colour Removing - because otherwise the amount of Hair you miss is ridiculous and it's so much easier to get through the Hair this way.
Holding the sectioned Hair together when Colouring/Colour Removing.
Clipping up all your Hair when it's all Coloured/Colour Removed to process.
We leave them in the shower to clip up our Hair during a treatment or when conditioning.
Clipping Hair up and out of the way when blowdrying.

So when we say life saver, we aren’t joking.

Applicator Bottle

Applicator Bottles are the ultimate tool of convenience. Take the cap off your Products, pour into the Applicator Bottle and shake it - that’s it! It's perfect for beginners who can’t get their co-ordination together while using a tint bowl and brush in front of the mirror. Plus it’s a quick and easy way to get Product through the Hair and for all those hard to reach places.

Tint Bowl and Brush

The queen B of the pack that we are never without, not to mention it makes us feel really fancy using it. Nothing does the job like the Tint Bowl and Brush. The ability to mix the Product into a great consistency is one thing, but then it makes application a breeze. Nothing works as well for regrowth touch ups or painting highlights and no tool comes close to making you feel like a professional. Snazzy!

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