How to master the I don't Colour my Hair, Hair Colour

2017 is the year of the I don't Colour my Hair, Hair Colour movement. 

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2017 is the year of the I don't Colour my Hair, Hair Colour.

You know the type. Simple, Natural looking Hair Colours that give the illusion that the Hair is untouched when it’s as Natural as the no makeup movement.

There isn’t much to them. They’re not too Dark not too Light, have no punchy Tones or Vibrancy they just look… Natural.

So why would we like them?

The illusion.

We love the I woke up like this low maintenance style. These Colours are modern and polished and so easy to enhance your Natural born Colour. When your Hair Colour is just not bringing it, use them to add some glow. They are the perfect Colour refresher if you want to get back to basics and have no interest in a Colour with reflects.

How do you get this Colour? From the Natural Hair Colour Range.

You need a neutral Tone with a classic look to look naked. Before you worry, you won’t be left with a dull block Colour. Naturals shine and pick up the light whenever they can find it. They fill your Hair, giving you a nourished Hair Colour that looks like it has never seen a drop of peroxide or artificial pigment.

Try our favourites: 7 Medium Blonde and 6 Dark Blonde.
Suits: Cool or Warm Undertones.

Like Carrie Bradshaw’s naked dress, these guys are the barely there Colour. Their medium, neutral Tones boost your Colour up, breathing life into dull Hair giving it energy and depth while making your skin and complexion glow.

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