How To Live Your Best Hair Life This Year

Let’s set the bar high and keep it up there.

We’ve decided 2019 is dedicated to living our best Hair life and this year our resolutions aren’t so much resolutions, but the commitments we make to ourselves every day anyway. So whether you’re into resolutions or are just interested in creating a set of commandments to follow, let’s set the bar high in 2019 and keep it up there.

Thou shall not forget your roots

In 2019 let's not miss out on life because we haven’t done our roots. Quick, regular touchups make for light work didn’t you know? So if this is something you struggle with, consider swapping to a lower maintenance Colour like a Natural Shade.

Thou will not settle for mediocre

Leave that faded, dull Hair in last year and take a page out of the Colour Top Up Technique, keeping your Hair fresh and glorious all year long without clogging it with Colour. Or stop expecting that you can let your Hair just be while you sit out in the sun, swim and use a variety of products then be surprised when it turns brassy. Commit to the Tone, all year round.

Thou shall never neglect again

Are you taking your Hair care regime seriously? We mean, you were once a Brunette and so begun using a Brunette shampoo, but now you’re Blonde and you are still using that same shampoo? Stop. Right. Now. No more settling for whatever is around, employ a shampoo and conditioner combination that is right for your type and choose one of quality.

Thou shall remember to take care of one's self

We’re big believers in self care Sundays and how it affects your state of mind. Nothing lifts you like fresh Hair and a glowing face smiling back at you in the mirror. Make sure you start prioritising your #1 — you.

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