How to get the Giselle Bündchen Blonde

This is one of those gifts from the Hair gods; a simple and low maintenance Colour, that requires little effort to replicate.

Photo: Tumblr

Gisele Bündchen’s strict alkaline diet and lifestyle may be a stretch in self discipline, but there is no need to work so hard to replicate her Hair Colour. Hers is one of those gifts from the Hair gods; simple and low maintenance and requires little effort to replicate. So if you think a great Hair Colour needs to be complex to look good, this Colour match will be sure to change your mind.

The bulk of Gisele’s Hair Colour consists of a Medium Natural Blonde, we use our 7 Medium Blonde as the base, with some strategically placed Highlights using 9 Very Light Blonde. These perfectly placed Highlights frame her face with soft sun kissed touches through to the ends to break up her Colour and add dimension. This is what makes her Hair look so voluminous.

Photo: Tumblr

Follow the Glowing Highlight technique, painting a few small Highlights around the face, then continuing them through the back of the Hair. This will create the effect you are looking for, breaking the 7 Medium Blonde base Colour up nicely with little hints of Light shining through.

Our favourite part of her Colour is she has followed the cardinal rule and kept her Highlights within 2 shades Lighter than her base Colour. That subtle Colour change gives a blended glow through her Hair that makes the Colour look so Natural like she has just come back home after an Italian Summer spent sunning and swimming on the Amalfi.

Who it suits: Cool and Warm Undertones.

Tip: If you are already a Natural Medium Blonde keep that as your base Colour and just paint in some casual Highlights framing your face and through the rest of your Hair using 9 Very Light Blonde. Use the same Glowing Highlight technique.

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