How to choose the right Hair Colour for your Skin Tone

Basically, it all comes down to your skins Undertones. Thanks mum and dad!

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Have you ever fallen so in love with someone else’s Hair Colour that you must have it? Yet despite all your google image searching, you look into the mirror after your copying attempt and stare back at a person that doesn’t resemble you or the person you wanted to be?

Enter tears, regret, remorse and then comes the anger. Where did it go wrong? Why does it look so good on them, but terrible on me?

Basically, it all comes down to your skins Undertones, also known as another reason to thank or blame your parents for your predetermined gene pool decision of whether or not you will suit this season's latest Colour.

Because we like to keep things simple, we stick to 2 types of Undertones: Cool and Warm. It’s easy to determine which Undertone you are, by inspecting the inside of your wrist area where your veins are. Your veins and skin in that area hold all the answers.

*Picks up wrist, turns it over*

Once you establish which Undertone group you fall into, you’ll soon discover what Colours are best and worst for your complexion and what can really take your Hair to the next level.

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Cool Undertones

Cool Undertones need Colours that are flatter to enhance the complexion. They do not need to rely on Colours with huge reflects and depth.

Veins in the wrist are Blue or Purple.
Skin has a Pink, Red or Blue tinge.
In the sun, skin looks Blue-ish.
Find Blue clothing is more flattering.

Avoid: Golden, Bronzed, Orange, Copper and Auburn Colours.

Choose: Ash, Cool Naturals, Burgundy, Violet, Mahogany or Blue Black Colours.

Tip: Platinum Blondes are a great Blonde choice as well as Natural, Ashier Blonde Tones if you are looking for a Colour that isn’t so light. Avoid Auburn, Brassy Brunette hues as they will zap your complexion. Choose Natural Browns or Brunettes with Mahogany, Plum hues.


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Warm Undertones

Warm Undertones crave Depth and Warmth, and flourish with multi-dimensional Colours. Reflect’s and strong hues are their best friend.

Veins in the wrist are Green or Olive.
Skin has a Yellow, Gold or peach tinge.
In the sun, skin looks Yellowish.
Red and Orange clothing is more flattering.

Avoid: Cool Tones, especially Ash or Silver Colours.

Choose: Warm Naturals, Strawberry Blondes, Golden, Bronzed and Copper hues. Rich Reds.

Tip: Avoid Cool Tones, as they can give skin a Red complexion. Use Beige for the best option for contrasting Highlights. Choose sun-kissed Colours that bring Warmth into the Hair as Warm Undertones love Colours with energy. Avoid Cool Browns and opt for richer, Chocolate Browns.


If your veins are Blue and Green and you feel you fall into both these categories, then you most likely have a Neutral undertone. This means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds! Make the most of it by choosing Colours that are Warm and Cool Undertones.

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